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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Orly Golden Halo

Le sigh...

I picked this one up a few days ago from TD, as it was supposedly a "French Manicure" polish (and I'm currently obsessed with French manis), but I have no idea how one would use it as a French manicure polish, unless you use it as the tip or in a funky French. 

That said, Golden Halo, is a gorgeous gold metallic with a heavy lavender cast, but it's not a duochrome.  Like most metallics, It is a bit brushstrokey, but it's not bothersome, at all.  In fact, it adds to the beauty of the polish, IMO.  This one reminds me of the ChG Romantiques polishes in appearance, though there is nothing this unique in the Romantiques collection.  This was 2 coats and I had no application issues.  BTW, while it's pretty in the picture, it just doesn't do this beautiful polish any justice.  It's definitely a "must see IRL to fully appreciate" polish.

It's a very different polish.  I mean... it's a golden lavender or a lavender-gold (whichever you prefer), so it will definitely appeal the those of us that like our polishes to be a little out of the ordinary.  That said, it is a lighter polish, and it's not "in your face" with it's unique-ness, like say a bright green holo would be, so it's not too crazy for most mainstream nail polish fans. 

This one is d/c'd according to TD, but still readily available through e-tailers.  Sally's may have it as it was (is?) part of the Orly French Manicure line, but as I haven't checked myself, I don't know for certain.  Hope you girls like this one. 


Stephanie Merlin said...

Wow, that is very unique and beautiful. I adore that. In fact I think I may *NEED* that. I will go on the hunt for it. Thanks for sharing!

Musicalhouses said...

I have and love that colour, it's a bit sheer but it's pretty! I layer it over white to make it pop more :)

Silver Diva said...

I love this on you, but for me it's definitely not my favorite. I bought this at my Sally's back about two years ago when I was in my (short-lived) acrylic French nail phase. I loved it on my acrylics then, but my natural nail lines are messed up (from years of nail-biting ever since I was a kid) so I can't really do sheers.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I think my bottle is a mutant because after 2 coats, it's totally opaque. LOL.

I need to try layering it. I bet it would look great over white or black.

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