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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orly Red Sea Pearl

This has been a long time lemming of mine.  Over the past 10 years or so, I probably had 4-5 bottles of this polish only to throw it away when it became glumpy, or whenever I stopped polishing my nails (which was a pretty often thing w/ me.  I'd buy a bunch of polish and then give up on my nails within 6 mos).  It always was one of my favorite colors, but was sadly d/c'd before I was able to pick it up (again). 

Unlike most d/c'd OPIs, d/c'd Orlys are almost impossible to pick up on eBay and it was sold out at all the regular e-tailers.  I'd pretty much given up on finding it until the other night I happened to do a google search on it and found the name in the text of an eBay listing.  I emailed the seller and they still had them in stock, so I bought it and waited.  It came yesterday.

*aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh* Angels singing.  This is truly one of my favorite polishes of all time.  It's a bright fuschia shimmer with a pronounced blue flash.  I know that's a popular type of polish, but this one is unique in that the base color is a darker pink, rather than a hot pink.  This was 3 coats, as I still had VNLs after 2 coats.  This is old-formula Orly, so it stunk to high, chemically heaven, but there were no issues with application.

I almost didn't want to post this one, as it's very hard to find (but not super spendy like an OPI HTF is, eBay scalpers tend not to hoard Orly polishes), and I didn't want to create any lemmings, but I just had to show it off.  If you like the color, you may want to try OPI Pompeii Purple, which it my knowledge is still available, and unlike the name suggests, is a hot pink shimmer with a blue flash.  It's very similar, though a bit pinker and brighter.  I tried to do a comp post, but I couldn't get my camera to pick up the differences.  Maybe I'll try one in the sun a little later in the week.

I wish I could convince Orly to bring this one back and name it "Megan's Favorite".  LOL.  I love it that much.  :)


jaljen said...

A very cheerful polish. Now I shall look up that OPI.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

jaljen, i'll try to swatch pompeii purple sometime later this week. it's a beautiful polish and a cousin to red sea pearl. i'll also try to get another comp pic of the two.

Flame said...

Hi. I too, also love that color. But when Orly DC'ed it, the color had changed some. It wasn't the same as the one you have with the black cap. I have one that is even older with the non-rubberized cap and the color is more like what you have.

JasmineStarr said...

So strange that I'm not the only one who went out of my way to find this color! After choosing it for a pedi at a nail salon on vacation I came home and tried to find it. Closest I could find: Pompeii Purple. It's close but not the same. Alas, this one may go down in my history as a "must've been meant to be once in a lifetime" :)

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