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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloom.com Memorial Day Offer

I received an email from Bloom.com stating that they are giving away a bottle of OPI Paint My Moji-toes Red with every purchase.  I recently purchased my Dermelect set at Bloom.com and I already love the site.  According to Lori w/ Bloom, they will be adding more brands soon.  To go to their wesbite, click here.

PS, in case anyone is wondering, as I have posted about them a few times in recent days, I am not affilitated with Bloom.com.  I just loved the customer service I received from them, and I wanted to pass it along.  :)
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Orly Instant Artist

I just received this in a press release from Orly's PR...

Spring 2010 has ushered in an “anything goes” attitude toward nails that has stylish ladies rocking a variety of standout shades and textures—from animal to newspaper prints! Make like Monet with ORLY’s step-by-step Instant Artist Video, which shows you how to use the new ORLY Instant Artist Collection to create a floral nail look that signals Spring is in the air. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or professional manicurist, the easy-to-follow Instant Artist Video demonstrates which ORLY products and tools are best to use to create a long-lasting, personalized look for all seasons and trends.

Please click here to check out Instant Artist in action.

Designs can be applied directly over ORLY Nail Lacquers to create a unique spin on the shades that you already own. The Instant Artist Video shows how each lacquer has an innovative tapered brush to deposit color right where you want it and teaches you which tools to use to create precise designs—like flowers and vines—in a snap. You’ll also see in the video how the water-based formulation allows for instant removal in case you make a mistake. Be sure to check orlybeauty.com for easy-to-follow instructions on how to create more eye-catching looks.

The ORLY Instant Artist Collection ($5.00 each) features 22 shades:

The Instant Artist Starter Kit ($32.00) includes:

Five nail lacquers in Jet Black, Fiery Red, Sunshine, True Blue, Crisp White

Dotter Duo tool

Easy-to-follow instructions
The Tools include:

· Detailer brush ($15.00) – creates fine, detailed art

· Striper brush ($7.00) – creates long, thin stripes

· Dotter Duo ($7.00) – creates small, medium and large dots Two-sided dotter makes it easy to create different sized dots for flowers or polka dots.

· Design Tear-Off Cards – incorporates step-by-step instructions

All ORLY Nail Lacquers including the Instant Artist Collection are free of DBP and all traces of Toluene and Formaldehyde. The Instant Artist Collection will be available at orlybeauty.com, Sally Beauty and Ulta.

I find this really interesting, but it seems a little expensive for what it is, no?  I mean... unless I'm way off, the polishes seem to be striper brushes, which you can get at the Dollar Tree.  Also, the tools seem a bit expensive as well.  However, I do like that fact that they are making nail art more accessible.  Having all the polishes and tools in one collection will make it much easier for someone that is interested in creating their own nail art and unsure of how to begin or where to start looking for products.  Plus, I'm guessing, unless this is exclusive to the stores listed in the press release or unless they are pulling and OPI/Essie, these will probably be available (and a tad less expensive) at etailers. 

New Camera

Hey girls... it's going to be a few more days before I start posting again, but this time, it's due to the fact that I got a new camera, rather than my own slackassyness. 

My old little Cybershot just wasn't measuring up, so I decided to pick up a new one.  Even though I have kids, I'm not a big picture person.  I think cameras are kind of a pain in the ass, so I have to remind myself to take new pictures of my kids.  LOL.  So I figured maybe a new, better camera would help me take better pictures and help me want to take new pictures.  If that makes sense.

I didn't have a huge budget and I don't like to spend tons of money on a new camera, because as I've learned in the past, a $300 Olympus can break as fast as a $100 Nikon.  I picked up a Kodak Z915 refurb because it was a $110 and because it got good reviews from both C-net and camera bloggers.  I got the refurb because it saved me $40.  Hopefully, it will be here w/in the next few days and then I can start swatching again.  I recently received OPI's Hong Kong collection and that will be probably be the first thing I'll review (though I realize it's kind of old news now.  LOL). 
Monday, May 24, 2010


Okay, this is going to be waaaay off-topic, but I've been searching for a place to type out my Lost-thoughts that wouldn't restrict me to 140 characters, and then I remembered I had a blog.  So I figured I'd type it all out here.  If you watch the show but haven't seen the finale, or plan on watching it in one fell swoop when the final season is released on DVD, please don't read on (I'll put in some dead space, so you don't immediately see spoilers).  Also, please feel free to ignore this post.  I just need to type something out, or I'll bust.  LOL.

Okay... one of my favorite movies ever was Signs.  I love the fact that it's a movie about aliens, it was billed as a sci-fi movie and yet in the end, it was ultimately a character story about one man's redemption.  However, I feel Lost is the same kind of story and in this format, I don't really like it.  I mean, I can appreciate it for being pure genius, but it almost feels like Darlton made it too big to ultimately be about Jack's redemption, death, and afterlife.  Signs was a 2 hour movie.  Lost was a 6 year series.  With a lot more twists and turns and unanswered questions.  I think in the end, I felt like the first 5 seasons were one show and this one was something that belonged on PAX.  Also, the sideways world seemed to rip off another M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Sixth Sense, in the "they don't know they are dead" regard, and then each of the characters had their big "a-ha" moment and they got goofy smiles and became resigned with their fates.  I guess in the end, I get it.  I think it was genius.  But, I don't really like it.  I wanted more resolution with the other characters (like what happens with Hurley being the new Jacob and Ben being the new Richard and what happens with those that got on the Ajira plane and headed home), than it simply being about Jack closing his eye in the end (though that was a good ending).  Though I guess Darlton's point was in the end, none of that matters, it was just about being with your "constant" in the hereafter.  They did always say it was a love story.

However, as much I'm bitching... I also did enjoy the finale.  I sobbed like a baby at several points.  The main one being where Jack "freed" John Locke.  Locke was always one of my favorite characters.  I loved that his crappy real life was redeemed by the island.  I loved that on the island, Locke had a purpose, and then you find out that all that purpose was just manipulated by the MIB.  So, when Locke had his epiphany and he was essentially redeemed, I cried.  I cried hard.  I just wish in the church, he had Helen by his side.

I loved that Hurley became the new Jacob and Ben was the new Richard.  I loved that Hurley gave Ben a purpose, something he'd always wanted, and killed (literally) to have.  I think in that moment Ben Linus was redeemed, though I wish he'd been allowed to be in the church (and I'm talking to Darlton here, the characters themselves asked Ben to come in).  I mean, no one in that church was innocent.  Most of them had, in one way or another, killed or caused another person's death on the island (and off island in the case of Sayid, Sawyer, and Kate).

Okay, I think I'm done now.  There's more floating around my brain, but I will leave it at that for now.  If you watched the show and want to share your thoughts, please feel free to do so. 
Friday, May 21, 2010

Rave about Bloom.com

Hi everyone, sorry for being MIA for awhile.  I've been a bit preoccupied with a recent home project (I had the bright idea to re-do all my landscaping) that took up all my blogging time.  I have been swatching and taking pics, but no real time to do posts.  As the project is all but done, my blogging should pick up again in the next few days.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the title, I want to rave about a company with which I recently placed an order.  That company is Bloom.com.  About a week ago, I decided I needed to start using Dermelect products again.  Unfortunately, mine were almost all gone, so I had to place an order.  I did a google search and found that Bloom.com had the best deal on the 4 pc nail system (the best deal, IMO).  They had it for $49 with no tax and no shipping. 

I placed the order on Tuesday and I got it today!  It was well packaged and included 3 samples.  It also included a personal, hand-written note thanking me for my order.  I also received a coupon code and a gift certificate for use on a future purchase!  This is something you rarely see.  I know we (in general) are quick to complain about bad customer service, but we rarely reward good customer service.  That's why I wanted to do this quick post.  Looks like the only nail products they currently offer are the Dermelect products, but they also carry skin and haircare products.  The website is http://www.bloom.com/

So if you are in the market to purchase Dermelect products, be sure to check out Bloom.

EDIT to add that I just heard back from Lori w/ Bloom.com.  They are a new company (just started in April) and they plan on adding new product lines in the very near future. 
Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finger Paints Magenta Mood

Okay, so I go from never posting anything about Finger Paints to having two posts in a row.  LOL.

I was browsing Sally Beauty's website and saw they had several FPs marked down to $1.99.  I'm assuming the marked-down polishes are the ones that got d/c'd to make room for the 40 new additions.  I happened to see Magenta Mood and I thought "wow, that looks pretty" and then I thought "I think I have that".  Sure enough, I looked my long-forgotten bottom drawer and there it was.  I'm pretty sure I picked this up at the last B2G1F sale.  How I had this beauty for a year and didn't wear or even swatch it, I have no idea....

Isn't she pretty?  Magenta Mood is a medium (though it's darker IRL) pink-red shimmer with pink, red, gold and maybe some orange (?) micro-glitter.  It almost reminds me of the pink-red counterpart to ChG Ruby Pumps, though I don't have RP (my sister stole it) to do a comp on the finish.  It was almost opaque in one coat, though I did a second coat just in case.  Sadly, Magenta Mood is probably d/c'd, but it's still available at Sally Beauty's website.  You may be able to find out your local Sally's as well.  Sadly, Sally Beauty does not ship international (and I think that includes Canada as well). 

BTW, Happy Mother's Day everyone.  Last year, my mother's day present was 2 Lippmann polishes and this year, I think it's going to be polish as well.  Big Surprise.  I just have to decide what I want.  Probably some Zoya's from the exange.  :)
Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finger Paints Art You Blue?

According to the Finger Paints display at Sally's, they now have 40 new colors.  During the big B2G1F sale at Sally's in April, I picked up 3 FP glitters (that I have yet to review).  As I was a little less than enthusiastic about those glitters, I figured I'd pick up a couple more FPs when I was there a few days ago to pick up hairspray. 

Art You Blue? was one of the two I picked (review of the other one and the rest of my recent FP acquisitions to come soon).

Wow.  I thought I'd love this one when I saw it in the bottle and that's even more true on the nail.  It's a deep, grey-blue frost with pink and green micro-shimmer.  It is a bit brushstrokey, so if they bother you, you need to make sure you are very straight with your strokes.  Application was flawless.  This would have been opaque in one coat, but I went ahead and did a second thin coat, just in case there were any sparse spots.  Art you Blue? is only available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and for this month, all Finger Paints polishes are on sale for $3.99. 
Friday, May 7, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Press Release

I just received this about an hour ago, and I had to immediately post it. 


Sultry Fall Colors Entice The Fashionable Palette

Los Angeles, CA – (April 2010): For Fall 2010, the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection captures the vivid and saturated hues of the 1940’s with this seductively complex palette. These classic shades of the season recreate the timeless tableau of movie land mystique, perfect red pouts and steamy nights where swing was the scene!

Step out with these multi-faceted jewel tones, rich reds, titillating taupes and smoldering sands. This collection deliverers a high octane 40’s era glamour with a sophisticated edge! The 12 colors in this collection include:

Riveter Rouge – Deep red shimmer
Foxy – Burgundy frost with shimmer
Goin’ My Way – Brown frost with copper shimmer
Classic Camel – Khaki crème with gold micro glitter
Swing Baby – Taupe frost with silver micro glitter
Ingrid – “Greige” crème with copper micro glitter
Hey Doll – Rose frost with shimmer
Bogie – Plum frost with shimmer
First Class Ticket – Deep purple frost with shimmer
Midnight Mission – Navy blue frost with silver micro glitter
Emerald Fitzgerald – Turquoise green frost with shimmer
Jitterbug – Grey chrome with silver micro glitter

The China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection starts shipping June 6th internationally and July 6th, 2010 domestically. All 12 colors will be available as open stock, in 6 piece box collections, a 12 piece counter display and a 36 piece rack. China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

Oh, China Glaze... you had me at hello.  I can't tell you how excited I am for this collection.  I love the names and the colors sound gorgeous!
Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I started this on the 5th, though it probably won't be posted until the 6th, so Happy Belated Cinco De Mayo!  :)

Back in the day, my husband and I always used to go to a Mexican restaurant on May 5th.  Now that we are responsible adults with kids, we just stay home and watch the House Hunters International Mexico marathon on HGTV.  (yawn, I know)  I swear we are so boring now.

Anyway, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, my goal was to create the look of a Mexican serape on my nails.

I don't think I quit acheived the look, but I do like this.  It may not look like a serape, but it does look like a pattern one would see on cabana fabric.  I used Essie Red Nouveau, OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue, OPI Who the Shrek are You?, ChG Happy Go Lucky, and a Stripe Rite white striper brush.

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