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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Camera

Hey girls... it's going to be a few more days before I start posting again, but this time, it's due to the fact that I got a new camera, rather than my own slackassyness. 

My old little Cybershot just wasn't measuring up, so I decided to pick up a new one.  Even though I have kids, I'm not a big picture person.  I think cameras are kind of a pain in the ass, so I have to remind myself to take new pictures of my kids.  LOL.  So I figured maybe a new, better camera would help me take better pictures and help me want to take new pictures.  If that makes sense.

I didn't have a huge budget and I don't like to spend tons of money on a new camera, because as I've learned in the past, a $300 Olympus can break as fast as a $100 Nikon.  I picked up a Kodak Z915 refurb because it was a $110 and because it got good reviews from both C-net and camera bloggers.  I got the refurb because it saved me $40.  Hopefully, it will be here w/in the next few days and then I can start swatching again.  I recently received OPI's Hong Kong collection and that will be probably be the first thing I'll review (though I realize it's kind of old news now.  LOL). 


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