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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Fall Collection... Zoya Wicked and Wonderful

I know you all have probably seen this, but I was nosing around Zoya's blog today and found this entry about their upcoming fall collection. 

Here's a list of the colors:

Zoya Wicked Nail Color Collection

Edyta (ZP525) - fern green sparkling metallic

Julieanne (ZP526) - byzantium purple sparkling metallic

Cheryl (ZP527) - chocolate bronze sparkling metallic

Karina (ZP528) - garnet red sparkling metallic

Carrie Ann (ZP529) - venetian red sparkling metallic

Kym (ZP530) - cardinal mauve sparkling metallic

Zoya Wonderful Nail Color Collection

Kelly (ZP519) - paynes gray cream

Stacy (ZP520) - mahogany red cream (shown)

Burke (ZP521) - sienna red cream

Kristi (ZP522) - crimson red cream

Cola (ZP523) - desert sand red cream

Shawn (ZP524) - myrtle green cream
Stay tuned this official Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Blog and http://www.zoya.com/ for a color preview coming soon. Zoya Wicked and Wonderful will be available July 1, 2010

As always, vegan friendly Zoya Nail Polish is formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor free (Big 3 Free Nail Polish).

I know many of you may be groaning at the thought of fall polishes, but seriously... as much as I hate summer, anything that has me looking forward to fall is fine by me.  LOL.  These colors sound beautiful and I love that the names are DWTS-themed.  I'd be interested in seeing the Wicked colors alongside ChG's new Vintage Vixen collection.  I can't wait to see them swatched.  I think I'm interested in, oh, all of them, at this point.  :P


PolishGalore said...

Are there any pictures at all?

peripatetic33 said...

if you google paynes gray and myrtle green you can get a look at the color they are describing it as

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I haven't seen any swatches yet, but they should have a sneak on their blog soon. Plus, the bigger bloggers, ALU, Scrangie, VV usually have swatches right as or a few days before a collection goes live.

I googled both Payne's gray and myrtle green and they both look gorgeous and I can't wait to see how they translate to np. Payne's gray is a dusty, deep blue-grey and myrtle green a a blue-leaning dusty swampy green (at least this is what I can figure from the paint swatches I found.

The collection is available for sale started July 1, so I'm sure they'll have swatches up soon. I can't wait. From the sound of it, I may have to buy the whole thing.

Anonymous said...


Aurora's Nails said...

I hadn't heard of these yet...I can't wait to see them for real!

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