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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nail Recovery Update

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you would probably remember that back in November of last year (right around Thanksgiving), I took the plunge, removed my last set of glue-ons, and began the arduous task of growing back my natural nails.  One of the major players in my nail regrowth was Dermelect nail treatments.  I was sent a set back in November, but thought I would just start using other products after I ran out.  After taking several months off from using Dermelect, and trying to find cheaper substitutes, I have to say that nothing works quite as well for me and I had to admit cheap ass defeat and buy another set of the Nail Recovery System.

If you've been considering using Dermelect, but have been reluctant due to the cost, all I have to say is while it is expensive, it's also worth every.single.penny.  This is good stuff, people.  :P  I would definitely pick up the entire Nail Recovery System which includes the basecoat, the ridgefiller (both HG, IMO), as well as the TC (which isn't necessary, but it is nice).  It also includes Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment.  This was not included in my original set of samples from Dermelect, but it is amazing. 

Here's a pic of my natural nails now and just for reference, here are all of my "nail recovery" tagged posts where you can see plenty of pics of what I started with in November 2009 (fair warning... it's not pretty. LOL).

I've been back using Dermelect for a few weeks now and I can already tell a difference in my nails.  While my natural nails grow pretty fast, they also have a tendency to peel and chip.  With Dermelect, I have less of both of these problems.  In my "after" picture, I do have a cut in my middle fingernail (that I have patched w/ nail glue), but as far as peeling and chipping, those issues have almost gone away.  In fact, my nails are at a point where they are driving me a bit bonkers and I may have to trim them down in the near future.

Also, I think I'm back to you regular-scheduled blogging.  I've given up on the new camera, sad to say.  It's great for regular shots and zoomed shots, but it sucks at macros.  I will have a few posts using the new camera (as I have those saved up), but I'm back to ye old Cybershot.  So if you are looking for a new camera and one of your uses will be nail blogging, the Kodak Z915 is probably not a good fit.


ThRiSzHa said...

im so happy that ur nails are recovering fast..

Jacie said...

Wow, they're looking brilliant Megan!

Mai said...

Your nails are looking great now! It's amazing to see the progression

jaljen said...

Looking so much better. You have done a brilliant job at nursing them back to health.

Unknown said...

Your nails are looking great!

Unknown said...

Your nails are looking amazing! Great recovery. I had a similar experience almost 2 years ago now. I had more of a nail bed, but otherwise same thing. I used Nail Magic, Dr G's Diamond Strength from Sally's, which is nail strengthener in q-tip looking things and another nail strengthener on the nails that were extremely week (which was the BEST stuff I ever found and they no longer make! I am still looking for a replacement!) None of it was cheap or expensive, but it worked for me. I think once we find what works for us - we should stick with it. Good look! I can't wait to see your nails in another few months!

amusedPolish said...

wow, there's really a difference, can't wait to see some swatches :)

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Thanks girls. I really appreciate it. <3

Mary Ann said...

Awsome , I wish I was as brave as you were . To be honest my nails are seriously gone. my nails on my right hand are gone , and the one's on my left are supper thin . Does this product make it look as though there are nails while they are growing . I need some thing that will fill in gaps and look smooth ..

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Mary Ann, Dermelect is an investment, but it's also a great product for growing out thin or damaged nails. If you check my "nail recovery" label, in one of my first posts, you'll see that you can use Makeover Ridgefiller to camoflauge damaged nails. So you can fill in the gaps with Makeover while your nails are healing.

If you are serious about trying to grow out your natural nails, give Dermelect a chance. If you don't want to use Dermelect, check out some of the products R3Beauty mention or go to Sally's and check out their nail recovery products. I like that Dermelect is an inclusive system, and for me, it's what worked.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at apolishproblem@gmail.com.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks , I'm gonna give it another try . Infact I went to Sally's today , after researching products on their web site and found a product call "Nail Magic " It got really good reviews from past acylic nail users . So I'm gonna give it a go one more time . You have been a nail inspiratation to me !! Once again awsome progress!

Unknown said...

I have a hard time growing my mails, too!

And regarding good macros, I can just recommend the Samsung i85. Takes gorgeous, crisp macro pictures!! You should be able to get it at a reasonable price now, too :)

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