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Monday, July 12, 2010

OPI Hong Kong Collection Re-do

About a month ago, I posted my review of OPI's spring 2010 Hong Kong Collection.  I'd just bought a new camera and was determined to make the macros work.  Unfortunately, while it's a great mega-zoom camera, it and macros, don't get along, so I was forced to go back to my Sony Cybershot for nail blogging.  An unfortunate casualty of my camera issues was my review of this collection.  Quite frankly, the pictures sucked.  I hate feeling like my work isn't up to par, especially on a product review, so I decided to do a few (okay 3/4ths) of the pics in the collection.

As my the text in my review is still accurate, I won't move it all over here.  Please click the link above if you would like to read my ramblings.  I will go on a repost pics of entire collection, though 4 of the pics were ones that looked okay in my previous review.

Here are the ones I feel still look okay:

Hot & Spicy - warm orange-based coral

Bling Dynasty - yellowish gold with pink and green shimmer

Jade is the New Black - slightly dusty medium-toned green creme

Suzi Says Feng Shui - dusty medium-blue creme

And now here starts my re-do of the pictures.  I've been having issues with my nails splitting, so I just decided to cut them all down.  That's why the last 2 pics have different nail lengths than the other 6.

Pearl of Wisdom - mother-of-pearl sheer

A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find - bright orange-based red.  Much darker than Hot & Spicy.

Red My Fortune Cookie - Clear, bright, glossy true red. 

Meet Me on the Star Ferry - metallic mauve with pink and green shimmer (the same shimmer in Bling Dynasty).  Leans slightly plum.

Chop-sticking to my Story - medium, red-based, nutmeg brown

Dim Sum Plum - bright, pinkish-purple berry.  More berry than plum.

Lucky, Lucky Lavender - milky, light-medium, pink-based lavender.  More pink than purple.

Panda-monium pink - milky, pale, baby pink.  Lucky, Lucky Lavender's little sister.

Whew.  Now I can quit stressing.  LOL. 

These were sent to me for review


Zara said...

I love this collection! It's one of the few collections that I own most of, and even though I have them myself I still like to look at pictures. :)

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