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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Blogger Round-Up #1

Welcome to the first edition of The "A Polish Problem"'s Friday Blogger Round-Up!

Each week, I plan on showcasing new and new-to-me blogs in this post.  If you have a new blog or if you are existing blogger and not in my blog roll, feel free to email me or leave a comment in the current "Round-Up" post, and I will put you in the next week's round up. 

If, by chance, I miss you in this week's round up.  Please let me know and I will edit the post to add you and add you to next week's round up.


Chromatic Misadventures

Painted Tips

Susie's Home and Hobbies


Aurora's Nail

OMG Look at these Nails

Never Unpolished

Original Wacky

diamants ebenes nails

Polish Packrat

My Nailz

Portrait of Mai


Posh Pigments

Addicted to OPI-yum

Nail Junkie

All Things Nails

Green-wich Village

Whew!  20 new blogs this week.  I encourage you to check them ALL out!  There are some great new nail blogs out there (as well as some great existing blogs that I just wasn't aware of).  I think it's awesome that more and more people are blogging about polish.  Makes me feel not so crazy.  LOL.

*this post was created and scheduled at 12:30p Thursday afternoon.  If you posted in the previous post prior that time, I will add you to next week's round up.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Megan, I really, truly, whole-heartedly appreciate it. Not to nitpick or anything, because I know you had a long list to go through, but its "Posh Pigments" not "Polish Pigments". It's really not a big deal, I just wanted to let your readers know :)

Unknown said...

Great, Thanks!


Miss War Paint (Nic) said...

OOh I would love to be in your round up!



Serena said...

I like that you're doing this, it is really nice of you. I am a fairly new blogger as well:


Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Neya, I'm so sorry. My fingers must have gotten ahead of my brain. I changed it. Thanks for letting me know! :)

I will be sure to add anyone that replies to this post with their blog addy to next week's round up. :)

I will also be updating my blog roll today or tomorrow with all the new blogs (there were still 1-2 from earlier this week that I didn't add to the roll, but were on the round-up list).

Ali'sNailNews said...

This is so nice of you! I'm going to check out the blogs you posted, today. :-)

I would love to be included in your next new bloggers post!


Aurora's Nails said...

I am beyond flattered that you have linked me up there in your post! Thank you so much! And thanks for showing me some new blogs to check out!!!

Janna said...

This is so nice of you to do, and I'd love to be included =] Just started my blog about a week ago!


Zara said...

Thanks so much for linking my blog!

Issa said...

Thank you so much for doing this!

Sabrina-Positively Polished- said...


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