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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Blogs

I recently received an email from a new blogger asking me to add her blog to my blog roll, which I plan on doing after I type this post.  However, it got me to thinking about the various bloggers in the past that have written me asking me to add them to my blog roll.  I always try to add new bloggers to my blog roll, but I have never actually promoted a new blog on A Polish Problem.  Hence, this post...

I would like to start promoting new (and new to me) blogs on my blog.  I remember when I first started blogging it felt like I was putting my heart and soul into the blog and yet I was getting no readers.  And while this blog was not started to get readers, it's also nice to know that someone is interested in what you are writing.  Thus, I want to do all I can to help out new bloggers. 

Please feel free to always put your blog URL with your comments.  In the future, I may get a new comments section that will allow you to attach your blog URL to your name, but for now, you can always type it out.  Also, please do not hesitate to ask me to add you to my blog roll.  I know I am horrible at this.  I'm always afraid I'm going to upset someone, but you will never upset me.  I will be more than happy to add anyone with a new blog or anyone with an existing blog that I've failed to add.  Please feel free to pass on the URLs of your favorite blogs, as well.  Just in case I don't have them listed.

To have me mention your blog and add you to my blog roll, please either reply to this post or email me.  I am notoriously bad at checking comments,  so emails are preferred, though either is okay.  Each Friday, I plan on posting a blog round-up. Though, I will skip today and post any I receive today on next Friday's round-up.  It doesn't matter if I get 1 or 100, I plan on rounding-up all new (and new to me) blogs on Fridays, so don't worry if you are the only one to email me.


Öykü said...

Oh, cool! Here is mine:

Unknown said...

You are already on my blogroll, and it would be great if I could be in yours too. Thanks for doing this!


Thanks once again! =P

Allya said...

You're on my blogroll, can I be on yours? I don't need to be featured, though! Brooke did that for me a year ago.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

The 3 above this comment (and Nicky that emailed me) have been added to my blogroll. Thanks so much for reading my blog! I will be sure to mention all the newly added blogs to my blogroll on Friday (next week).

Susie said...

Here is mine.
Susie's Home and Hobbies:

Justine (Productrater) said...

hmm I didn't think people messaged each other asking to be added to blog rolls, that girl has some spunk.

my blog is some nail polish, but mostly makeup reviews..

Aurora's Nails said...

Very sweet of you!
aurorasnails.blogspot.com if you get the chance :)

Mari said...

Awesome, here's a link to my newbie blog:



Zara said...

Thanks for doing this!


Unknown said...

I'm just starting to get organized, and add blogs to my blogroll and such, and I'd love to be added. http://originalwacky.blogspot.com/

la trousse a tichou said...

thank you to help beginer like me !!
I follow in french, c'est vraiment très gentille à toi de partager ton espace avec nous. Je profite de ton appel pour te laisser mon lien

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Hey everyone, I've been a wee bit busy over the weekend, so I will make time either tonight or tomorrow morning to add everyone new to my blogroll. Friday Roundup still planned. :)

Issa said...

That's so awesome of you to want to help new bloggers! :)


Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Everyone above this post as well as 2 emails (Emily and Caitlin) have been added to the blogroll. Everyone will also be mentioned on Friday's round up.

Please feel free to continue to reply to this post or email me.

mynailzz said...

thanks for helping out the newbies!

Mai said...

This is very nice of you to do :)


Unknown said...

I feel like this right now.. but I think the trick is never give up! Even if no one reads my posts I still enjoy venting my passion for makeup!

Unknown said...

Im a new blogger, and would love to connect with other bloggers (through blog roll or following, etc) Im always on the lookout for new reads in the beauty area.


I'll add you to my blogroll

lovenailpolish said...

Thank you for giving a new blog lady a chance to be seen! Nice gesture. I enjoy your blog even more now! I hope you enjoy mine too! I plan to swatch 30 Sally Hansen Nail prisms I just got over the next weeks.

Plus, today is NAKED day on my blog!


Kasiuchetka said...

Hi, my nail blog: http://pazurkowy.blox.pl/
Your blog is on my blogroll here: http://kasiuchetka.blogspot.com/

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