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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zoya Wicked Collection

This is the second half of Zoya fall collections.  If you are interested in part one, Wonderful, click here.

Wicked is a collection of 6 metallics.  They are very similar in finish to Zoya's summer Sparkle collection. which I will review, when I receive the last two I ordered), but in more fall-appropriate colors.  Like Wonderful, these are named after DWTS participants, only with Wicked being named after the pros, and the lone female judge.  A fact, I'm sure, that matters not to most of you, but being a DWTS fangirl, I totally geeked out when I saw the press release. 

Again, here's the ad for the collection
and the color descriptions from Zoya:

Zoya Wicked Nail Color Collection

Edyta (ZP525) - fern green sparkling metallic
Julieanne (ZP526) - byzantium purple sparkling metallic
Cheryl (ZP527) - chocolate bronze sparkling metallic
Karina (ZP528) - garnet red sparkling metallic
Carrie Ann (ZP529) - venetian red sparkling metallic
Kym (ZP530) - cardinal mauve sparkling metallic

Also like Wonderful, the colors on these were very descriptive.  However, the only one I had to google was "cardinal mauve" and nothing popped up.  I assumed it has something to do with Catholic cardinal, but the more I think about it, the more it may be about the bird  The color is actually very similar to the wings of a female cardinal.  But, more on Kym in a bit.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Here are the swatches:

Edyta – There has been a lot of good buzz about this color on various blogs and Twitter. And let me tell you… none of it has been unwarranted. Edyta is incredibly complex. Sure, you see the “fern green sparkling metallic”, as described my Zoya, but what you also see is so much more. The shimmer is an antique gold, with a smattering of copper and light green thrown in, and the base, along with green, is a gunmetal or charcoal grey. Because of the complexity of this color, it’s one that could be easily worn by green lovers, and scared-to-wear-green-on-my-hands-ers, alike. The formula is perfect, and though it’s a metallic, it applied like crème, and was very similar to the formula of Zoya Kelly or Cola. Pic is 2 coats, but honestly, I would have been okay at one.

Julianne – Like all dark purple shimmers, this one did not photograph correctly. It’s a bit deeper and richer, IRL. When I first saw this, I thought it may be dupey for Zoya Mimi, but while they are both purple metallics, that’s where the similarities end. Julianne is darker than Mimi and it also has a smokiness that Mimi doesn’t have. Like Edyta, it looks like it has a charcoal grey base. The shimmer is lighter purple, red, and, to a lesser degree, gold. Because of purple’s hate of cameras, this is one I wasn’t too excited about, as it’s hard to capture its true color. However, like Mimi, this one has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. If you love purples, you are going to love this one. Application was fine. The formula wasn’t as nice as Edyta, but wasn’t difficult to work with. Pic is 2 coats.

Cheryl – Zoya’s description of this color as a “chocolate bronze sparkling metallic” is right on the money. It’s chocolate, bronze, and definitely made for fall. The tonal shimmer in this one, while more subdued that some of the other Wicked shades, is still very pretty. This was another one with a very good formula. I had no application issues and pic is 2 coats.

Karina – As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I kinda cheated and wore this one as a full mani before I’d had a chance to sit down and swatch the collection. I was in love with then and I’m still in love with it now. It’s an amazing color, and part of me hates that (the DWTS fangirl part) because it was named after Karina Smirnoff, one of the pros on DWTS, and she makes me so stabby. Grrr. :P Oh well… I’ll let it slide, because this color is so fabulous! It’s a bright, slightly blue-based, red metallic. The shimmer is tonal, like with Cheryl, but it’s very sparkly, unlike with Cheryl. Again, this one had a great formula and was perfect at 2 coats.  A perfect Christmas color.

Carrie Ann – Because of the bottle color on this one, I was not looking forward to swatching it. Not because it was an ugly color, but because it looked so complex, that I knew my little brain was going to overload. However, once I put on the second coat, the true color was much easier to describe. This is a medium-toned red metallic with fine golden shimmer. This picture is not color accurate.  It’s much lighter than Karina, and due to the golden shimmer, it almost looks like a foil. Like Karina, this one would be perfect for Christmas. Pic is 2 coats, and I had no application issues.

Kym – Is a medium-toned, mauve metallic with tonal shimmer. At some angles, it looks more orange or rust, and in some angles, it looks more rosy or pink. However, I wouldn’t call it a duochrome. Of all the colors in this collection, this is probably the one I wouldn’t wear. It’s a pretty color, but I just don’t see myself reaching for it all that often. Pic is 2 coats and it was a little thin, but not hard to work with.  As I mentioned above, it does remind me of the dusty-pink/orange of female cardinal wings, but I may be off base and stretching it to find the "cardinal mauve".  LOL.

All in all, another winner from Zoya.  Edyta, Julianne, and Karina are knock-outs, IMO, and Carrie Ann, is close behind.  Yes, Karina and Carrie Ann are overdone colors, but there's something about the metallic sparkle in these that sets them apart.  I could take or leave Cheryl and Kym, though pretty and sparkled like mad, wasn't really my speed. 

These went on sale July 1 on Zoya's website and retail for $7 each or $36 for the full set.

I am working on some comps with both Wicked and Wonderful and I hope to have them up within the next few days.

These were sent to me for review


Zara said...

I had been wondering whether or not Julieanne was a dupe of Mimi--I'm glad to hear it's not! Thanks for the review!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Zara, I plan on doing a comparison with Mimi and Julianne in my next post. :)

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