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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zoya Wonderful Collection

So yesterday was Christmas at my house.  My new Dell printer, some stuff for the house, and the new Zoya fall collections all arrived!  The Zoyas were totally unexpected and I can't tell you how excited I was to receive them.  After we got home from dinner tonight, I told my husband I was swatching and to leave me alone.  LOL.  I managed to get Wonderful completed and hope to have the Wicked collection completed tomorrow and posted by Monday.  I also have some Barielles to review, so stay tuned for those. 

Anyway, first up is Zoya Wonderful, a collection of 6 cremes.  When I first saw the artwork for this collection, I was immediately intrigued.  It reminds me somewhat of last year's OPI Espana collection. 

Here are the color descriptions from Zoya:
Zoya Wonderful Nail Color Collection

Kelly (ZP519) - paynes gray cream
Stacy (ZP520) - mahogany red cream (shown)
Burke (ZP521) - sienna red cream
Kristi (ZP522) - crimson red cream
Cola (ZP523) - desert sand red cream
Shawn (ZP524) - myrtle green cream

I love the names of these, btw.  I am a total DWTS fangirl, so I love the fact that each of these, save for Cola, are named after DWTS contestants (Wicked is named after female pros and judge).

On to the swatches...

Kelly – Smokey dark blue/grey crème. Zoya describes this as a “Paynes grey”. I had no clue what that meant, so I checked it out. According to Wikipedia, Paynes grey is a dark blue-grey often used in painting. It’s named after William Payne, a watercolor artist from the late 18th century. See? I'm educational, too.  This is a beautiful grey, but better than that, it’s very wearable. Because of the blue base, this looked very good with my skintone, whereas most greys give me corpse hands. Pic is 2 coats, but I probably could have gotten away with one if I was very careful. I had no application issues, in fact, this one applied exceptionally well.

Stacy – When I first saw the bottle, I thought that the description of mahogany red was going to be way off. Afterall, when I think mahogany, I think of something far more brown than the deep berry shade in the bottle. However, after 3 coats, I definitely see the brown-red. There is a bit of purple in there as well, hence the berry-ness, that keeps it from looking muddy. This will look amazing in the fall. Pic is 3 coats, as I had a bit of an issue with evenness on the first and second coats.

Burke – This color was incredibly hard for me to try and describe. I googled sienna red to try and get some insight and all I came up with were Sienna Miller and a red Toyota Sienna van. :P It’s a dusty medium-toned red crème, but there is also a good amount of pink and brown in the mix. The picture is not color accurate, as the picture makes it look a bit more red than it is IRL.  Pic is 2 coats and there were no application issues. 

Kristi – You know how you search for a perfect color forever and then when you finally find it, it just clicks? Well this is what happened with me and Kristi. Kristi is a clear, bright, pin-up red. It doesn’t lean orange and it doesn’t lean blue. It’s straight up red and I’m in love. OPI Vodka & Caviar has been my HG red for years now, and I think Kristi just surpassed it. It applied well, and aside from faint VNLs, it was fine at 1 coat. Another coat, made the VNLs disappear.  If you are a red creme fan, be sure to pick this one up... you will not be disappointed.

Cola – Aside from the name not fitting in with the rest of the Dancing With the Stars themed names, I think cola is a great name for this polish. If Stacy was a brownish-red, this color would definitely be a reddish-brown. It’s somewhere between Dr. Pepper, root beer, and milk chocolate. This one is another perfect fall polish. The formula was very smooth, like Kelly. Pic is 2 coats.

Shawn – Like the "Paynes grey" of Kelly, I was intruiged by “myrtle green”. A quick search at Wikipedia told me that myrtle green is a color of green that’s slightly darker than spinach. Odd, right? To my eyes, this color is a medium-dark toned green crème with yellow undertones. At one coat, the formula was a little thin, but with 2, it was perfect. Pic is 2 coats.

I love this collection.  I had none of the formula issues that I've sometimes had in the past with Zoya polishes, and several of the colors, Kristi, Kelly, and Shawn, were real standouts for me.  I also really enjoyed the color descriptions of these colors.  From the paynes grey, to myrtle green, to all the colors in-between, I was googling like crazy to see the basis for these color names. 

Wicked is available now at Zoya's website.  It's priced at $7 a bottle or you can pick up the entire collection for $36 (a $6 savings). 

Stay tuned for the Wicked collection, as well as a few comparisons for both collections.

These were sent to me for review


Unknown said...

I am loving Kelly - but I think I may pass on the rest. Great post! How exciting to come home to all that! YAY!

Zara said...

I absolutely love Shawn and Cola, but I think I (and my wallet) could probably pass on the rest. However, I am very pleased that even though the collection has so many reds, they are all so different.

Unknown said...

Love Kelly!

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