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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another e-Tailer Price Increase

I just wanted to give you all the heads up that Orlys are now full retail at TransDesign and are "log-in for price" at Victoria's Nail Supply.  I just checked and Orlys are still $3.75 - $5.00 (Cosmic FX) at Head2Toe Beauty, but I have no clue how long that will last. 

Oh well, just another brand that I won't be hauling anytime soon.   Once Essie forced e-tailers to raise their prices, I haven't bought a single one.

EDIT 9/17/10: I just checked and it looks like Head2Toe has now raised their prices to $6 for regular polishes and $10 for Cosmic FX.  Thanks, Orly.  :\


Millie said...

Just another example of companies demonstrating their greed and desire to make life difficult for international polish lovers (Orly has also forced TD to stop selling Orly internationally). I wonder how long it is before China Glaze and Color Club jump on the bandwagon and become unattainable too:(

Dainty Darling Digits said...

I noticed VNS last night and that stupid log in to see price thing never works for me, always redirects wrong. I do wonder how they kept it quiet though for this one.

Anonymous said...

I only get Essie when they're clearanced at ULTA but that means I don't get everything I want. I get my Orly's from ULTA or Sallys but again, I don't always get what I want. I do place orders on nail e-tailers but this is discouraging me from making any potential orders on those sites.

Lucy said...

I just checked Head2ToeBeauty and the Cosmic Collection are all $5. Of course Space Cadet is sold out. I'm really annoyed at this price increase.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Me too, Lucy. Me too. Last week, I just happened to order a bottle of Orly Space Cadet from VNS, but had I known there was going to be a price increase, I would have picked up a couple more colors. If you are comfortable with buying off eBay, there are 2 listings for Space Cadet right now. One at an okay price and the other jacked up.

As for other brands doing the same thing, I want to say, no, but then again, who knows. One of the reasons Essie and Orly have strong-armed etailers into charging full-retail for their products is because they themselves have online stores, and though it's probably not to a large degree, I'm sure the etailers are cutting into their sales.

It's extremely frustating to the nail polish collector, like us, but we are a small percentage of nail polish purchasers. Most of the people that make large online np hauls are either pros or collectors. This won't affect the pros, as they can just use their license # to obtain the discount.

nailgalore said...

Oh man! Tell me about it! This is freaking crazy. For someone frm Asia like me, i have always purchased frm etailers but one problem leading to another and this is seriously killing my site softly! first transdesign doesnt send by usps (tht itself costs a bomb), thn essie's price increased, then Orly no selling internationally, and now price increased! Damn! what m i suppose to purchase thn? Local asian brands?:-( i hope they look into this. Im not willing to pay RM65 (USD 20) just for a bottle of OPI from local retailers here. madness!! www.nailgalore.my

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