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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Color Club Covered In Diamonds over Black

Yesterday, I posted my review of Color Club's Untamed Luxury collection for fall 2010.  In my post, I showed you Covered in Diamonds over my natural nails.  It's pretty, but IMO, to fully appreciate this polish you have to see it over black.

Doesn't it look like stained glass?

This is 2 thick coats of Covered in Diamonds over one coat of WNW Black Creme (I don't own a Color Club solid black polish).  I also applied a top coat to help even out the polish.  Up front, I want to mention that this is not a practical application.  I did it thickly so you all could see the beauty of Covered in Diamonds over a dark base.  That said, you can definitely acheive this look if you have a bit of patience.  If I wanted to apply this to actually wear it as a full mani, I would allow the black to dry completely and then thinly apply 2 coats of Covered in Diamonds, allowing each coat to dry in between (you could maybe even do a third if you did it thinly allowing for drying time).  I would then apply one coat of TC once both coats of the Covered in Diamonds has dried.  Because of the thickness of this polish and the chunkiness of the flakies, it's important that you let everything dry in-between or you'd be left with a gooey mess.  You'll also want to be a bit more careful than I was in making sure that you don't have any of the flakies hanging over your free edge or on your cuticle. 

So this look may take a bit more time, but the end result will make it all worth it.  It's totally unique.

Covered in Diamonds was sent to me for review.


AnnKiins'♥ said...

Covered in Diamonds is totally gonna be in my wishlist!
It's jusr so pretty.

DarkThreads said...

It's beautiful! I need to get at least two bottles of this, maybe more. I love your "stained glass" description!

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