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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comp: Jessica Victorian Crush vs. RBL NMW

Just think of this post as a sign of things to come.  I haven't had a chance to finish the entire Jessica Muse collection, so I figured I'd post this, as I haven't seen a comparison post anywhere and I was dang curious myself.

RBL No More War on index and ring fingers, Victorian Crush on middle and pinky fingers

When I first saw this collection reviewed on Vampy Varnish, Kelly mentioned that Victorian Crush and RBL No More War were NOT dupes.  I believed her.  LOL.  But being from Missouri (not really) and Missouri being the Show Me State (really), I figured I'd swatch them side-by-side to see just how similar/not similar they really are.

Well, they are both in the olive/army green family, but within that family, they are actually much different.  NMW is a true olive green.  It's dirty, and murky, and it makes me want a martini every time I see it.  Victorian Crush, OTOH, is more of an army green.  It's also much clearer than NMW.  Army green, in and of itself has a sort of innate murkiness, but aside from that, it's a pretty straight-up color, especially when compared to the swampy, oliveyness that is NMW.

I lemmed NMW for months.  As soon as the 1/2 off RBL sale was over last year, I immediately regretted not purchasing it.  Like an answer to my NP prayers, Ji brought it, along with Scrangie, back out of retirement.  So, I bought it.  Paid 25 bucks for it after shipping, only to get it and realize that it's just too much for my pink skin.  It really brings out the redness.  Don't get me wrong, I love the color and will probably wear it more in the winter, but I'm pretty sure that NMW, like stinky cheese, is an acquired taste. 

Victorian Crush, however, is different.  Sure, it's a green, but if you like greens or if you are curious about greens, VC is much more approachable.  Plus, the price is more friendly as well.  Jessica retails for $7.50, whereas RBLs are $18 with $7.50 shipping.

EDIT: I had the price wrong on the Jessica.  They are $7.50 retail.  I also linked to VV's post about this collection.  :)


Aurora's Nails said...

Pretty pretty! "Ugly," but pretty, you know?

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Oh yeah... definitely ugly pretty. The RBL is moreso than the Jessica. As much as I like the RBL for it's crazy unique-ness, I think the Jessica appeals more to the masses*, and it seems a bit more wearable. I think Victorian Crush would look amazing in the winter with a purple or red sweater.

*and by masses, I mean those of us crazy enough to wear green polish. My mother would still look at it and say "why not red... green on your nails just isn't natural". LOL.

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