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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOTD Borghese Pistachio

Okay, girlies, I apologize in advance for the lack of clean-up, messy cuticles, and the glitter from Happy Birthday that just won't go away.  I almost didn't post this, but I figured I'd do it while I have the time (more on that in a bit).  Here she is...

This was my very first Borghese.  Well, I purchased Pistachio and Stellar Notte from eBay a few weeks ago, but this is my first time using either one of them.  Having never used a Borghese polish before, I must say that I'm impressed. 

The color is a bright, emerald green shimmer, that leans ever-so-slightly blue.  I bought this one because I had read that it was a little similar to the super-duper HTF Essie Dominica Green, which is a HUGE lemming of mine (so huge and so rare, I don't even bother putting it in my wish list).  Now, without even owning DG, I can tell you that Pistachio is not a dupe.  DG is more golden and less blue that Pistachio.  That said, for a polish that is $6 and relatively easy to find, compared to one that can go for $40+ on eBay and as rare as finding a baby unicorn, I'd say this is a good compromise.  No, it won't kill your lemming for DG, but it will help quiet it a bit (at least it has mine).  BTW, Essie, I know you sold your soul to L'Oreal, and don't really need it, but if you could bring back Dominica Green and Starry Starry Night, you'd essentially be creating a license to print money.  People would be hoarding them like canned goods before Y2K. 

As for formula, I'd read (after I bought it of course) that it was super thin and hard to work with.  Well, the super thin part, I agree with.  However, for me, it was so easy to control.  Yes, it was thin, but in a good way.  The pic is 4 coats.  Because the polish is so thin, it was very build-up-able (:P).  It dried fast, and I didn't get any drag on the later coats.  I stopped at 4 coats, because I didn't know if it could have handled a 5th coat, so there a couple of thin areas on 1 or 2 nails.  However, I think a 5th coat would have been no problem.  I know, I know... 5 COATS!?!?!  But, the 4 I applied really didn't take that long, no longer than say 2-3 coats with another brand.  Because the formula applied so well and dried so fast, it really went quickly.  From first coat to TC, it took maybe 15 minutes, and that's with me playing Freecell in between.  LOL.  Borghese is available at drugstores, at a few online stores/drugstores, and on eBay, though I think Pistachio was LE and may not be available anymore through drugstores. 

Before I go, I know I mentioned above that I may be short on time in the near future.  Over the next few days, I will be finishing up my prep for my new job.  Unfortunately, I was brought on just as they were switching over to a new system, so basically, I get no work and more training.  :P  Oh well, at least I can invoice for it.  Not a minute to soon, either, as we just upgraded our Disneyworld resort hotel again.  :S  So, while I'll try to do NOTDs and a few of the reviews I have coming (I have some Piggy Polishes in the queue and some Jessicas, and possibly some OPIs and Orlys on their way), I think my China Glaze Vintage Vixen Konad Challenge* will have to go to the back burner, as well as the VV and Zoya W/W comps*.  If there is anything you want to see in particular, please let me know and I will try to get to it, but since my time will be so limited, I'll have to limit the comps to requests only.

*If any of you have one, some, or all of the Vintage Vixen collection and want to challenge yourself to create konads using them, or if you want to do comps with Zoya Wicked Wonderful, I would be more than happy to post them here or link to your blog.  I just hate leaving things un-done.  :)


Janna said...

This is beautiful! I just bought Stellare Notte today and I can't wait to use it. =]

lily said...

That's a really pretty shade of green! I never mind doing a few extra coats if I like a color enough, and that one definitely looks worth the effort. :)

Zara said...

Very pretty! The only Borghese I have is Sonata Berry, but I'm definitely going to be getting more. Good luck with your training!

Aurora's Nails said...

Good luck with your training. And have tons of fun at Disneyworld!

I like that color, but it's more emerald to me, and less pistachio lol!

tasha~ said...

I got this one and I agree with everything you said about the application! I actually like the Borghese bottles and the brush works very well for me. Nice post ;)

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