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Sunday, August 1, 2010

NOTD: OPI My Private Jet Holo

I'd chopped my nails down and decided I needed something amazing on my nails so I grabbed my bottle of OPI MPJ holo.  I know I've already posted this as a NOTD color in the past, but come on... LOOK AT IT.  :P  I couldn't help myself.  It's like sex in nail polish form.  It's that awesome. 

In case you didn't know, OPI MPJ (original holo version) is a deep charcoal base with rainbow holo.  Color Club Revvvolution is similar (and from what I understand Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm is as well, though I don't have that one to compare).  There is currently a My Private Jet in OPI's regular line up, but it's nowhere near as awesome as this.  It's still a pretty color, but not like this.  If anyone is interested, I can do a comp with MPJ and Revvvolution. 

Unfortunately, this color is extremely rare.  You can occasionally find them on eBay (which is where I got mine a few months back), but for the most part, they are limited to dusties and swaps.  I really wish OPI would bring it back.  Why they changed it, I have no idea. 


Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

The MPJ I own isn't a holo :(
Maybe I'll throw in some holographic glitter someday.

Aurora's Nails said...

So weird that they switched it like that! Anyway, this one is gorgeous! The other version is nice, too, but I think this one is nicer!

Leeblee said...

"It's like sex in nail polish form."
That one line makes me REALLY want this polish lol.

CrazyCajunCousins said...

"It's like sex in nail polish form." LOL! This really is a great color!

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