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Monday, August 2, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Kristi w/ Lippmann Happy Birthday

Okay, I think I may be OD'ing on the Lippmann Happy Birthday.  LOL.  I'd planned on showing Happy Birthday over several colors, but not this soon.  :P

However, as much as I love Zoya Kristi, it looked so weird last night after I applied it.  I think it's because I've transitioned out of reds.  I'm more of a blue girl now.  LOL.  Seriously, what's happened?  I'd rather put blue on my nails than red nowadays.  So that's why I ended up with another Happy Birthday manicure.

EDITED because my brain is swiss cheese and I didn't finish my thought.


Aurora's Nails said...

Haha, from red to blue...that's quite a contrast. But Happy Birthday really does look like a birthday party on the nails! Too pretty!

Zara said...

So pretty!

Unknown said...

cute combo !!

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