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Friday, August 6, 2010

Piggy Polish Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a few polishes from Piggy Polish's line up.  I wasn't very familiar with this brand prior to trying them.  The concept of Piggy Polish is that it's meant for your toes.  I chronically neglect my toes, plus, there's no way I'm going to show feet pictures on this blog (shudders... I have issues with feet.  :P), so I figured I'd go an swatch them on my fingernails.

Piglet – Pale, creamy pink crème that is slightly deeper in tone that my picture would indicate. This one reminds me of a paler, slightly softer version of OPI ElePhantastic Pink or ChG Sugar High. This one took 3 coats to reach opacity, but the formula was nice and flowed pretty easily. I did have to check and make sure I didn’t have too much on my brush with each coat, but that’s fairly normal. I love this color. Plus, after I first saw “Babe”, I became slightly obsessed with baby pigs, so I adore the name.

Keep It Teal – This is what it would be like if ChG Four Leaf Clover and ChG Turned up Turquoise had a shimmery baby. It’s a bright, teal green shimmer. It definitely leans more teal that the Borghese green shimmer I posted the other day. When I first put it on, I thought it was going to dry to a satin finish, but as I applied more coats, I could tell that wasn’t the case. Pic is 3 coats, as I had a few thin spots at 2 coats. I definitely think you could get away with 2 coats, though, if you were more careful than I was.

Silver Scream – Speaking of matte… this is a light sliver matte. I had no idea this was going to be matte, but it’s very pretty. It dries super-fast. I applied 3 coats to reach opacity and it was dry enough that I could apply a TC (to my middle finger) within 3-4 minutes. Like I mentioned, I did put a TC on my middle finger, so you can see the difference, though in this pic, it's not very noticeable.  Plus, the one coat of TC made it more of a satin than shiny.  I think if you wanted to make it look like a traditional shiny finish, you'd need 2 coats of TC, and perhaps a high-shine TC at that.

Pimp – This one, I had to request, simply for the name. I mean come on… it’s Pimp. That’s in BB Couture “Adios Mo Fo” territory in regards to awesome-name-ness, if you ask me. LOL. Unfortunately, the color didn’t quit live up to name expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty, albeit kind of sheer, squishy medium bright pink shimmer. Formula was a little thin on this one, but manageable. Pic is 3 coats and I still had VNLs. Though, I think it’s the kind of polish that even if I applied 15 coats, I’d still have VNLs. It’s very jelly-esque.  Which is great if jellies are your thing.  I tend to avoid them because nail line has a tendency to be wonky. 

Smootch – Medium red-based purple shimmer. Had much of the same squishy, jelly finish as Pimp, though I was able to reach opacity with 4 thin coats. This is a pretty purple, and something unusual in my collection, as this one definitely leans red.  However, while the color is pretty, it looks a little “watered down”, if that makes sense, though that may be a result of the finish. When you first look at this one, it looks like it may turn out to be a duochome, but it’s not, at least, not on the nail.

Shake Your Blue-ty – Bright blue shimmer = LOVE!  I know, I know, I have TONS of colors like these, but this one is a tad different. Unlike, say, Essie Aruba blue for example, this one leans more marine blue than straight-up blue. It’s a beautiful color, but I wasn’t really expecting it, as in the bottle, this color looks like a purple-blue with silver ribbons. Weird. This one had the best application and formula, IMO, and pic is 2 coats. I’d say this one, along with Piglet, is my favorite of the 6 I received for review.  It's also the one I've worn as a full mani (I did that w/in 20 minutes of getting the box.  LOL).

All in all, I like these.  If I had to rank them, I'd say Shake Your Blue-ty, Piglet, and Keep It Teal were the real winners for me.  When I first started applying them, I was a little frustrated.  I found the brush handle to be small and short and a little difficult to control, but I quickly got used to it.  By my second swatch, I was an old-pro.  You'll notice that all Piggy Polishes come with a cute flower toe ring.  Some of my bottles don't have them, as my daughter quickly took them over.   You can find Piggy Polish on their website for $9 each.

BTW, as you all may notice, I've been playing alot with nail shape lately and I think I finally found one I liked (what's in the above pics).  Unfortunately, in a cleaning frenzy, the corner of my L index finger snapped off, so I had to round off the edges again.  That'll teach me to clean with naked nails.  And now I'm back to square one (or perhaps... "not-square" one. LOL).  Guess square nails and I just weren't meant to be.  Damn. *sniff*


Aurora's Nails said...

These are beautiful...Piglet is such a pretty pink!

Simple Beauty said...

I Want Piglet Pink!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Piglet is a gorgeous color. I really love it.

Zara said...

I recently bought my first Piggy Polish, Just Before Dawn, but now I'm mentally kicking myself for not seeing Keep It Teal! :)

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