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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Blogger Round-Up

Here are the new blgs for this week!

New York Lady's Blog

Polished Punkii

Ohh My Nails

As always, if you'd like to be mentioned in my blogger round-ups or if I missed you in a previous round-up, please email me or respond in this post.

Also, I realize that when I started these round-ups, my goal was to post one every week, no matter if I had 1 request or 100.  Unfortunately, with my free-time dwindling, I'm going to have to start posting them bi-weekly.  I apologize, but I had no clue when I started this job, just how much a 15-20 hour job was going to impact my life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!


BlueCherry said...

Thanks :D Not just for posting mine but for doing this because it's such a good way of finding new blogs.

Punkii said...

Thanks for posting mine and for doing this. I appreciate it

Jess said...

This is a great way to give amazing blogs the recognition they deserve.



Unknown said...

visit my blog and follow along with my journey

Nail Polish Obsession said...

What a great idea, I would love to be apart of this.


Thank you so much.

The Beauty B. said...

I'd love to be listed! Thanks a bunch!


Migi Nail Art said...

This is great! I would love if you mentioned my blog..


Thanks! xoxo

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