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Friday, November 19, 2010

Simply Bags Review

Like a lot of you... I'm not just a nail polish junkie.  I'm also a make-up beauty products junkie (as proven by my recent VIB status upgrade at Sephora).  I just love them.  And, what comes with beauty products?  A need to house them.  I have 2 caboodles (one a train case and one a bubblegum pink retro one) and they are both stuffed.  I recently purchased a small traincase to hold all my essentials on my vanity, but I am continually looking for a travel bag.  As shameful as it is, on both of my recent vacations, my make-up has been tossed in a ziploc bag. 

So when I recently received an offer to review the embroidered cosmetic bags at Simply Bags.com.  I jumped at the chance.  I was hopeful I would finally find a good travel make-up bag.  Simply Bags provided me with a sample of one of their bags, the Monogrammed Make-Up Bag, which just so happens to be a set of 2 bags.  And I really like it and I think this set is perfect for travel.

Bag 1 - 12" x 7"x 3".  This one they can monogram

Bag 2 - 10" x 6"

Both bags are lined in fuchsia.

I think these bags are very functional, but on top of that, they also appeal to the side of me that will purchase stuff just because it's pretty.  The black and white damask print is very graphic and the fuchsia lining and embroidery are the perfect pop of color.  Plus, the part of me that loves anything monogrammed, loves these. 

When I go on vacation, I feel like I always bring half my bathroom, so I like the fact that there is a set of 2 bags.  One is perfect for the make up essentials while the other one can be used for other beauty products.  Or you can use the larger one for make up and the smaller one for nail polish. 

These are available at Simply Bags for $13.95.

Product in this post was sent to me for review


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