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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Born Pretty Store: Christmas Candy Mani

Today, I'm bringing you another mani I created using nail art products from Born Pretty Store.

In my box of goodies from Born Pretty Store, I received the Kawaii Nail Applique set.

This is a set of 24 (12 designs, 2 per design) 3-D nail art appliques.  As soon as I saw this set on their website, I fell in love.  I mean... come on... waffles?  chocolates?  ice cream cones?  candies?  Yup.  I'm in.  You had me at hello.

This is another product that I assume is actually meant to embed in gel, but as I didn't want to deal with the hassle, I decided to do a mani on my natural nails.  And being that we are just a few weeks away from Christmas, I wanted to do something festive.  Here's what I came up with...

(sorry for the dry cuticles)

This is 3 coats of Essie Marshmallow (a squishy soft white) as a base.  I then free-handed stripes in Zoya Kristi (a bright, true red), and topped it with a coat of Rush quick-dry top coat.  Then I took the 3-D nail art appliques (2 lollipops, a meringue, and a candy) and pushed them down, using tweezers, into the top coat, before it set.  I then topped the whole thing with another coat of top coat, making sure to get the area at the base of each applique.

Is this practical?  Probably not.  But it's totally fun and I love it.  At first, when I came up with this idea, I thought there is no way it would really work in practice.  However, those suckers are stuck on there really well, so you could conceivably wear this look for a holiday party (probably not one in which you would have to wear a cocktail dress.  LOL).  I would totally wear this to my kids' school parties.   In fact, I showed it to my daughter and she squealed!  :)

This set of appliques is available at Born Pretty Store for $3.41 (click on the above for a direct link).

This is the last of the goodies I got from Born Pretty Store, though I may have some more to show you soon. However, as Born Pretty Store has been so nice as to offer my readers a 10% off code (more on that in a bit), I do plan on recapping all of the nail art items I got from them over the next few days.

My coupon code is MEGAN2010 and it is good through March 31, 2011 (I will post in on the side bar below the banner for Born Pretty Store).  It's for 10% off and Born Pretty Store offers free shipping to most countries (see their website for details).  Also, keep your eyes peeled, because I will be offering a giveaway sponsored by them after my Holiday Giveaways are complete.

Nail art products used in this post were sent to my by Born Pretty Store for review


Zara said...

Very cute!

TheSillySisters said...

Love it! :)

Lois said...

so cute! <3

Steph1990 said...

These are so cute!!! Love the look!

Unknown said...

they are so cute~
makes me wanna munch your nails.

~Buy WoW DeathKnight~


wow, thats realy cute!

Danielle said...

I love this, looks so yummy :)


gosh, i'm craving those candies right now, and here comes your nailpolish to make it even more...

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