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Monday, December 6, 2010

Born Pretty Store: Dried Flowers Mani

Hi everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've showed you some things from my box of goodies from Born Pretty Store, so I figured I'd show you another product.

Here is the 12 pc Dried Flower Set.

The set consists of 12 different dried flowers, each in it's own jar. I'm pretty sure the point of this set is to embed the flowers in acrylic (EDIT: these are to embed in gel). However, having no acrylic, I decided to create a nail art look using these flowers on my natural nails.

This is an idea that I had floating around in my brain for sometime and never got a chance to try it. This is one coat of ChG Jolly Holly as a base. I then sandwiched the dried flowers between 2 layers of a thin quick-dry top coat (Rush) and then I used another layer of the same top coat to even out any bumpiness.

I like the concept of this mani, though I don't think my application was the best. The flowers themselves were pretty easy to use and apply, even though this isn't their intended use. The best thing about these flowers is that you can cut them to your desired look. I think this would look beautiful if done to look like a field of wildflowers.

This nail art set is available at Born Pretty Store. Price is $6.15.

For your convenience, I've placed a banner that hyperlinks to Born Pretty Store on the right side of my blog. As I was writing this post, I realized that while I've shown you most of the products I received from them, I have yet to do an individual post on each product, so I plan on doing that this week.

Also, my 2nd giveaway ends tomorrow, so be sure to enter if you have yet to do so. Lastly, I realized I'm a bit behind of the Blogger Round-Up. Fear not... it will post sometime this week.

Nail art products in this post were sent to me for review. I purchased ChG Jolly Holly myself.


Anonymous said...

the mani is adorable!

Unknown said...

Very cute...were the flower delicate easy to tear/break? Did you use tweezers to place them on the nail?

A Polish Problem said...

rmcandlelight - they were a little delicate, but not as fragile as one might expect. I only had one tear, and that was because it was attached to another flower and I tried to separate them. I used a pair of needlenose nail art tweezers and I had no problems.

Steph1990 said...

Wow, I've never heard of this store before. I'm going to have to get some of those flowers though: your nails look amazing!
Did you have any trouble with the flowers coming off or catching?

21stCenturyHippy said...

That is really, REALLY cool!

A Polish Problem said...

Steph, I wasn't able to wear the flowers for any length of time because as soon as I applied it, I had a preschooler-based crisis and ended up smudging it and had to remove it. The flowers seemed to lay down pretty well between the TC. One thing I would recommend is letting the TC dry in-between at all stages and using a thick TC over the top.

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