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Friday, December 10, 2010

Color Club Enchanted Holiday Mini Set

I'd been holding off posting about this one because I thought I'd get around to showing you a nail art look using the included decals and the accompanying rhinestones, by Art Club.  Unfortunately, I just didn't around to it, and I wanted to post this collection while I still had it as a giveaway (but more on that in a bit).

Also, I feel a bit out of sorts today, so I wasn't as gabby as I usually am.  :P

Enchanted Holiday - Dense pale-to-medium-toned gold glitter in a clear base.  I was expecting this one to be like the gold glitter in the CC Glitter Vixen collection, but it's actually a bit lighter, and much smoother in formula.  It seems a little similar to Nubar's Gold Glitter, though that one is a bit brighter, I think.  Pic is 2 coats.  

Magic Elf - Dark lime green foil with golden shimmer.  This one is crazy pretty, and definitely the most unique in the collection.  2 coats.  

Snowflakes - icy white iridescent glitter in a milky, clear base.  This one is pretty, but looks like the CC Japanese Glitters or the white glitter from the Pardon My French collection.  2 coat.s

Wish List Red - Red glitter in red jellyish base.  This one is your typical, red glitter.  I struggled a bit with formula, so I had to go slow and be patient.  It seemed a bit gritty, but nothing TC couldn't handle.

Like I mentioned above, this set also comes with coordinating decals, and CC's sister company, Art Club, has an adorable rhinestone set to go with this one (pics to come soon).

This set is available at e-tailers, and I am offering this set as part of my Holiday Giveaway #3.

This was sent to me for review.  The set offered in my giveaway is a brand-new set purchased by me.


Silence is Loud said...

Enchanted Holiday is so pretty!!!! i love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the magic elf one!! (the green) it's so pretty *w*

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