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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A couple Sephora by OPI swatches

Sephora by OPI is a new brand to me. For some reason, I've never gotten around to trying it. I guess it irked me that retail on these is $9, whereas you can get a regular OPI in the $5 range.

However, Sephora recently offered $15/$20 gift cards to their Beauty Insiders and VIBs and due to an online loophole, you can use it without any minimums. So I decided to pick up a couple SOPIs. Using my GC, I got 2 SOPI polishes, my 500 point perk Philosophy gift set, a deluxe mini of Marc Jacobs Daisy, and 3 samples, for less than $6 shipped. Not too shabby.

As these polishes were essentially free, I wasn't too picky about which ones I chose. I just looked a few online swatches and picked 2 that were sparkly and shiny. I ended up getting 212-Sephora and Looks Like Rain, Dear.

212-Sephora - Smoky, deep browned-charcoal base with small copper flakies, rainbow, holo glitter, and golden microglitter. Woohoo! This one is like a party. I love it. I remember this being the rage on the NB last year, but I haven't heard much about it lately, so I thought the was LE for last year. But, it looks like they brought it back for the holidays. The base is pretty opaque, so it only took 2 coats. However, it's not super-dense to the point where the glitters and flakies would sink to the bottom. I had no issues with the formula on this one. It covered nicely and there was no drag that you can sometimes get with glitter. Also, this one had none of the removal issues that you oftentimes get with a glitter. A swipe of acetone and it was completely gone.

Looks Like Rain, Dear - Dense, pale golden glitter with larger rainbow, holo glitter in a golden shimmer base. Aside from the color, and the fact that 212-Sephora has golden flakies, the glitter in this one is very similar to the polish above. I like golds in theory, but normally, they just don't work with me. So my expectations on this one were pretty low. I mainly picked this one up because I had seen very few swatches of it online, and as it was technically free, I figured I take one for the team and get it to swatch. So imagine my surprise when I put it on and I actually liked it. It's very pretty and, though I haven't done one in months, I think this would look amazing as a base for a konad design. Pic is 2 coats. Formula was okay, though I found it to be a weird runny/thick consistency. However, it wasn't too difficult to work with. EDIT: All Lacquered Up just posted this polish today as well, and as her picture is much closer than mine, I figured I'd link to her post. In her swatch you can see tiny hexagonal silver glitter, that my little point-and-shoot just couldn't pick up. It makes the polish even prettier, IMO.

The brush on these was very nice. While it's not OPI's wide brush, it applied with no issues and the wand is very long. Although, and this is purely cosmetic... while I like brush, and the bottle, it's nice and weighty and it feels substantial in your hand, I hate (HATE) the cap. It feels cheap and... um... it looks like a "personal massager". :O There. I said it. :P

All in all, I'm pretty impressed with Sephora by OPI polishes. I still don't like the price point (or the look of the cap), but that doesn't stop me from already forming a small wishlist.


TheSillySisters said...

Ooh me likey the top one!

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