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Friday, December 17, 2010

CSN Stores

Where are you in holiday shopping? Done? Haven't even started? Given up? LOL.

Me? I'm done. And what happens when I get finished with holiday shopping early? I start dreaming up what I'm going to buy for myself once the holidays are over. Happens every year. I scour online sites religiously during the days leading up until Christmas.

This year, I happened to discover CSN Stores. I've heard a bit about CSN Stores through various blogs, but I've never really had the chance to really go through the site, or should I say sites, as they have over 200 stores. From kitchen stores, to furniture stores, and even luggage stores, their selection has everything under the sun.

I've already found some really cool things in the kitchen department, as I'm a total junkie for kitchen gadgets (nail polish isn't my only vice. LOL). However, for those of you looking for nail polish... they have that, too. I saw some Piggy Paints, which are water based polishes, perfect for wee ones (my daughter will flip for those).

You may still be able to use CSN Stores for holiday shopping if you are still in the thick of it, though be sure to check their site for more information. Or, if you are like me... and dreaming about what you are going to get yourself for Christmas, CSN Stores are a great place to start.

Also, I will have an opportunity to review a product through CSN Stores, and I'm quite excited about that. :) I'll let you guys no more about that as it gets closer.

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