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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few Deborah Lippmann swatches

So lately, I've found myself gravitating towards Deborah Lippmann's polishes.  I recently picked up a few from Apothica.com...

Call Me Irresponsible - Red-purple jelly.  This one looks like grape candy.  I was unable to get full opacity at 3 coats, though, but that's a jelly for you.  Also, the formula wanted to drag, so I had to wait between coats.

It's Raining Men - Bright red creme.  This one came out at the same time as Call Me Irresponsible, and while that polish is a true jelly, It's Raining Men can be described as "jelly-ish".  It was opaque in ONE coat (though I did 2), but there was a squishy-ness to it that you don't get with a regular creme.  Formula was flawless.

Ruby Red Slippers - Black jelly base with red square and hexagonal glitter.  This one is in the same vein as China Glaze Lubu Heels, RBL Black Russian, and Color Club Red Velvet, but this one takes it to an entirely new level.  It's insanely pretty, hence my tweet about stopping my swatchathon and applying it as a full mani.  That said, this is 3 coats and as you can tell, it's crazy bumpy.  Seriously, after 2 coats of TC, my nails still looked like little relief maps.  A third coat of TC fixed the bumpiness, but also left the polish gooey.  I think my problem however, was in my TC (Nubar Diamont).  Next time I use this, I'm using a thicker quick-dry (i.e. Seche Vite).  

Wicked Game - silvery purple-green duochrome metallic.  Okay, I'll admit it.  I picked this one up because it was named after the Chris Isaak song from my youth.  I love that song.  Almost 20 years later and it's still gives me chills (because of all the haunting emotion he stuffs in it).  Unfortunately, of the 4 I picked up, this one was the one that disappointed me.  I've seen pictures of it looking amazing on girls with actual pigment in their skin.  It just didn't work with me.  It washed me out and I washed it out.  Beautiful polish with a nice formula, but it and Megan don't play nice.  :(  3 coats.

I've also purchased a bottle of Boom Boom Pow (again because of the title) which I will swatch as soon as it gets here, and based upon my love of Ruby Red Slippers, I'm thinking about picking up Bad Romance and, if can find it outside of the boxed set, Razzle Dazzle.

Deborah Lippmann polishes are in the $16+ range (more for glitters) and are available at www.deborahlippmann.com and online beauty boutiques like www.apothica.com.

These polishes were purchased by me using a GC from Apothica.com


Alexandra said...

I love wicked game, so pretty! Thanks for the swatches.

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