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Friday, December 17, 2010

Hard Candy Sky

A few weeks ago, right after Riva came out, I tweeted that I was finally going to spring for my first Chanel polish. I had my cart all loaded up, my cc info entered, when I realized I was spending almost 30 bucks on a nail polish. Now, I'm not opposed to spending that much, I just decided it was kinda silly to spend that on Riva as, from what I understand, it's pretty dupey (if you know where to look).

One of the dupes that I'd seen bantered about was ChG Moody Blue. Unfortunately, Moody Blue is d/c'd and I've only been able to find it for around $20 shipped. For that price, I might as well buy the Riva, if you KWIM. Then I discovered that Hard Candy Sky is also a very close fascimile to Riva. Of course, then I realized that HC Sky is also a d/c color, but as luck would have it... it's been re-released as part of Hard Candy's new Wal-Mart line. I never thought I say this, but yay for Wal-Mart. LOL.

I picked this up a few weeks ago, and finally had the chance to try it out.

Sky is a pale, slightly-dusty blue with just a tiny hint of green. There's also a "secret" iridescent shimmer, just like with the Chanel (though, I think the shimmer in this is a tad more pronounced than in Riva) That said, I don't know if this is an exact dupe for Riva, I just know that for $4, it works for me. :) Especially when you consider it made my skin around my nails look red (it looks much worse in this pic). I suppose that's because of the green in this color. This is 3 coats and a TC to even out the finish. I had no real problem with Hard Candy's formula, though I did find it to be a bit thin.

FYI... Rmcandlelight at Nails Beautiqued did an excellent comparison post. So be sure to check that out to see them side-by-side.

Hard Candy Sky was purchased by me at Wal-Mart.


Jennifer said...

I wouldn't want to spend more than 10$ on a nail polish bottle. :/ I'm happy with everything I have!

Rose Chrome said...

Like te nail polish!


cathryn said...

i agree with you completely! wise decision on scoping out walmart first. unless youre a collector, i dont see much reason to spend 30 (THIRTY BUCKS!!) on ONE bottle of nail polish. i just bought 8 china glaze polishes online for 35 total. (With shipping!)

i havent heard the greatest things about the formula either, but i suppose thats how "must have" items work.

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