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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nicole by OPI Liquid Metals

Hi all, I'm so sorry to have such a delay in picture posts, but sometimes my crazy life gets in the way.  LOL.  Anyway, I still OPI Katy Perry to show you as well as Zoya Intimate (both of which should be up by early next week), but for right now, I have the Nicole by OPI Liquid Metals collection.

Liquid Metals is another small collection by Nicole by OPI.  When I first read the press release info regarding this collection, I have to admit that I wasn't terribly excited by it.  Honestly, the descriptions reminded me of China Glaze's Spring 2009 Romantiques collection.  Which if you don't know, Romantiques was a collection of 12 frosty metallic polishes.  They are pretty and perfect for konadding, but given the recent influx of frosts, I was a little wary about another frost-based collection.

Turns out... I needn't be worried.  :)  FYI... As the finish on all these is identical (the only difference is the color), I'm going to post pics and color descriptions first and then I'm going to run my mouth (fingers?) later.

It Starts With Me - pink-champagne metallic shimmer.

Miss Independent - Pale pink-lavender metallic shimmer.

Rich In Spirit - Icy pale blue-green metallic shimmer.

The Next CEO - Pale gold metallic shimmer.

As you can see... they aren't frosts.  Rather, they are shimmer metallics, much like the Orly Foil FX collection from last year.  The difference being between Liquid Metals and Foil FX is that this collection doesn't have as bright of a foily finish to the polishes.  Because of the this, the colors are much less bright and more toned-down.  I must say, I prefer this.  While It Starts With Me and The Next CEO aren't too terribly original in color, they do take a different spin on rose-gold and gold metallic polishes, respectively.  On the other hand, Miss Independent and Rich In Spirit, seem pretty unique to me (which means off the top of my head, I can't think of anything dupey).  I'm absolutely in love with both of these polishes.  Purpley-pink metallic and silvery blue-green metallic?  Come on... you had me at hello.  LOL.  They are both my must-haves in this collection.

From what I can recall (I took these over a week ago), I pretty sure these are all 3 coats each.  IIRC, they went on a little thin.

Nicole by OPI is available at big boxes, drug stores, and Ulta, and from what I gather this isn't an exclusive collection, so they should be pretty easy to find.  Nicoles are usually $7-8.

These were sent to me for review


Anonymous said...

/this isn't spam comment, but I tagged you in my blog, (Stylish Blogger award), in here:

Caitlyn said...

I like rich in spirit and miss independent :) the silver and gold are pretty, but boring. the blueish and pinkish shimmermetallicfoil are quite nice. if only the nicole bottles weren't so ugly ^^

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