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Friday, January 14, 2011

Nicole by OPI Walmart Exclusives

It seems that there have been a flurry of Nicole/OPI new releases lately.  I still have OPI Katy Perry to review and one more new Nicole collection (the name escapes me right now).  Plus, there is OPI Texas coming out next month.  OPI has been busy little bees.  :)

Today I have for you a small, Walmart-exclusive Nicole by OPI collection.  As far as I know, it doesn't have a specific collection name.

Count on Me - Opalescent shimmer topcoat.  This one is predominately purple, though there are flashes of pink and blue.  Though I have none to compare, it reminds me of the CND Effects.  This one is very pretty, and probably my favorite of this small collection.  This is 2 coats on naked nails, though this is great for layering (see below), or even as a top coat over a french mani.  

Got Style? - Frosty, shimmery, brown-mauve metallic.  I am not a hard person to please.  Really.  I'm not.  But this polish just didn't work for me.  It's just too frosty.  It reminds me of OPI Kimono'ver here (which I lemmed forever only to discover I hated it).  All that said... I know my mom will love this.  So, if you like frosts and you are looking for a brown-pink, this might be right up your alley.  2 coats.

He's a Keeper - Red creme.  This one is a shade or two darker than what I consider a classic red (in my mind, that's a true, pin-up red), but it's still very pretty.  But, it's a red creme, still.  Nice, but nothing to write home about.  2 coats.  

He's a Keeper layered under Count on Me - As a light purple gloss over a bright red lipstick is one of my favorite combinations ever, I wondered what a light purple sparkle topcoat would look like over this red creme.  Turns out... it really works.  

Never Give Up - Bright fuchsia frost with holo micro glitter.  This one was so pretty in the bottle, but it just didn't work on the nail.  The frosty base is too dense for the glitter (kinda like CC Ms. Hautie).  2 coats


Count on Me was the star of the show, as far as I'm concerned.  He's a Keeper was nice, but safe.  The two other polishes in this collection, Got Style? and Never Give Up were just too frosty for me.  

This collection is available at Walmart.  

These were sent to me for review.


Steph said...

I agree that "Count on me" needs to be worn as more of a top coat than a base colour its just not solid enough to be worn on the nail alone really. Love it over "He's a keeper" Though! I wish we had mroe OPI colours avaliable over here in the UK (and better priced!) xx

Zara said...

None of these really seem stellar to me, which is good for my pocketbook. :) They're nice, but I don't feel like there's anything I *need*

The Narc said...

You've been Tagged for a Stylish Blog Award!!!!!


nail crazy said...

he's a keeper looks the best to me :-)

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