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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orly Turquoise Charm

I saw this polish awhile back on a nail blog and fell in love.  I think the blog was ALU, but I can't find the post or the picture on her wesbite now, so I can't be certain.  Unfortunately, finding discontinued Orlys, unlike OPIs, can be a bit hit or miss.  If you aren't willing to dusty-hunt, then you have to bide your time and hope at some point, it shows up on eBay or in a swap/blog sale.  It's been well-over a year since I first created in eBay search for this polish (closer to 2 years), and I finally was able to snag it.  :)

The color is a pale, shimmery turquoise with a faint blue shift.  The color is beautiful, but as this polish is several years old, it was part of Orly's 2004 Year in Rocks collection, it is old formula and rather thin.  It took 4 coats to reach almost-opacity (I say that because you can still see faint VNLs).  Also, I had horrible drag on this.  Because of the thinness, you'll need to wait until each coat is almost dry before applying another coat.  Thankfully, it dries quickly and because it's so thin, it can support 4 coats.

Usually, I try to avoid posting HTF-lemming creating polishes as I know it sucks when you see something, want it, and then either can't find it or have to take out a second mortgage to pay jacked up eBay prices.  Thankfully, this one (and several of the other d/c'd colors from Year in Rocks) is available from an eBay seller, strawberryfieldsforever029 (link goes to their storefront), for a very reasonable price (less than $6 + shipping).  I had a really good experience with this seller, my polish arrived in just a couple of days. 

If you are interested in the listing for Turquoise Charm, click here.  Also, there is a UK seller listing it as well (though I have no experience to add).  The US based auction, ends tomorrow, however. 

Lastly, and I'm only posting this because I think the collection is so cute, with each polish based on a birthmonth's gemstone, here's a listing of all the polishes in the collection... just in case you want to find yours (and no, mine's not turquoise)...

January - Garnet Truth
February - Amethyst Decadence
March - Aquamarine Bliss
April - Diamond Love
May - Emerald Life
June - Pearl Wisdom
July - Ruby Passion
August - Peridot Courage
September - Sapphire Luck
October - Opal Hope
November - Citrine Cheer
December - Turquoise Charm


Aly said...

Beautiful polish!!! I love the match with birthmonth stones (mine would be pearl - nah)

TheSillySisters said...

Mine IS the turquoise but I think I'll pass. I have yet to get into pearly colors. Or IS it pearly?? :)

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

To my eye, it doesn't seem pearly. But when I think of a pearl finish, I think of something akin to a frost and this isn't that.

Unknown said...


Ire said...

lovely colour!!!!!!
i wish i had it!

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