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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Press Release: Zoya Bela is featured in "Black Swan"

(Press Release)– Jan 05, 2011 – Cleveland, OH
Funny how life works out sometimes...

Growing up in the Soviet Union, a little girl named Zoya dreamed of being a ballerina and dancing to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Now, many years later, after a life immersed in music as a classical pianist and becoming a star in world of cosmetics, dreams have come true.

Enter the recent theatrical release of Black Swan. Early on in the film as the lead dancer, Nina (portrayed by Natalie Portman), prepares in her dressing room for a gala where she will be revealed to the masses as the new Swan Queen, a solitary elegant bottle of  nail polish briefly takes over the screen. This is where the line between a little girls fantasy and reality blissfully blurs. The bottle shown is Zoya Nail Polish in a delicate shade of pink named Bela.

Zoya Reyzis (founder of Zoya Nail Polish) and the Swan Queen of Swan Lake together at last.

Zoya Nail Polish can be found worldwide at quality salons and spas or online...

Available in Bela and over 300 other long-wearing, beautiful colors, the healthy formula of Zoya Nail Polish is completely free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor.
Zoya is the new color of fashion!

Image is courtesy of Zoya's PR department


Okay, is it just me, or is the image included with this release absolutely gorgeous?  From the pale white-pink of the tutus, to the crispness of the skirts, to the contrasting grey floor, with the beautiful pale pink bottle in the foreground?  I'm totally in love with it, and it makes me want to run to Zoya.com right now and pick up a bottle of Bela (and I'm not really a fan of sheers).  I'm such a sucker for well-done marketing.  LOL.  :P

Also, I am completely fascinated with "Black Swan".  I've heard Natalie Portman is completely transfixing.  However, I have a tendency to get a bit squimish in very intense movies, so if I know something is going to have tons of kind of pretty/kind of twisted imagery, then I tend to wait until it's on video before I watch it (seriously... I had nightmares about "The Cell" for weeks :/).  I like the ability to fast-forward through stuff.  Ha.  So I guess I'll be waiting on "Black Swan" until it hits Netflix or HBO/Showtime/Starz. 

Lastly... if you are interested in Bela and you have yet to do so... you can always pick it up during Zoya's 3 Free promotion (going on now).  Code is FB2011.


Mandy McDonald said...

I also am excited to see Black Swan. I adore Natalie Portman. and this polish is the perfect toe pink!

Delainie said...

I saw the film a couple of weeks ago.. And bells went off in my head when I saw the bottle!

On a side note.. The movie, in my opinion, is excellent. There are some squeamish parts (involving nails/toe nails no less)(I hope that isn't a movie ruin-er.. whoops!) - but very enjoyable!!

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