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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fingerpaints Palette of Petals

So I happened to pop in my local Sally's yesterday afternoon, about an hour before they were set to close.  Lucky for me, they'd put out all of their much-anticipated collections.  They had Orly Precious, ChG Crackle Glaze, ChG Tronica (big fail for me) and the Fingerpaints 2011 Spring collection, Palette of Petals.  They were all such beautiful colors and the display was so cute with the accompanying rings, that I had a mind to pick up all 6 of them, but the pink and the purple looked dupey and the orange would look like doo on me, so I opted for the most unique colors, Chrysanthe-mum's the Word, Carnation Creation, and Aren't You Glad-iolous.  Horrific names aside, I think I may be in love with all 3 of these...

FYI, I had a bad break on my middle finger (stupid car door), so swatches are now down to 2 fingers.  :S  I apologize, but I tried to do 3 and they looked so horrid, I figured 2 was better than looking that that hot mess.  LOL

Aren't You Glad-iolous - Pale lavender creme.  In the bottle, this looked decidedly more periwinkle (though more on the purple side of periwinkle rather then the blue).  However, when I put it on, almost all the blue disappeared on me and it became more of a grey-lavender, along the lines of Zoya Marley from the recent Intimate collection.  I was a little bummed because I was hoping for a true periwinkle (must break down and by ChG Secret Periwinkle finally), but it's still a beautiful color.  Best part?  The formula on this one, and Carnation Creation, are fab.  It flowed on the nail and if I'd wanted, could have done one coat.  I did 2, but it could have been a one-coater if I wasn't so anal about 2.

Carnation Creation - teal creme.  Okay, this one was totally frustrating to photograph.  Much like ChG Flying High from Up and Away, in the picture, it looks far more green.  If you want to see a truer swatch, please check out Kellie Gonzo's swatches.  She did a much better job of capturing the true color.  It's a great teal, and again, the best part is the formula.  I did 2 coats, but I could have easily done one.  BTW, the looks amazing topped with ChG Crackle Glaze in Lightning Bolt.  All that said, as much as I love this color... Head's up, girls... it will stain.  A base coat is not optional with this one.  I didn't wear a base, and now my nails are green.  :\   Not a big deal... just make sure not to forget that BC.

Chrysanthe-mum's the Word - Spring green creme.  This color is so happy.  I originally picked it up to recreate the look that Jen at The Polish-Aholic created using this and ChG Lightning Bolt (it's the first one in the post), but then I swatched it and realized that it's a pale green that actually looks good with my skin.  So while, I definitely plan on trying out her idea (and I told my Sally's SA about it as well), I do plan on wearing this alone as well.  The formula on this one wasn't as nice.  It seemed thicker and goopier and could probably have benefited from a drop or 20 of thinner.  2 coats.

Also, like I mentioned above, these come with these adorable stretchy rings that coordinate with the polish color...

Aren't they adorable???  Fair warning, though.  My SA told me I could swap out ring color if I wanted, I didn't, but if you wanted to make sure you picked up the ring that coordinates with the polish (the thought of them being swapped out drives me bonkers), you may want to pick these up sooner than later.

I'm pretty sure these are meant to go live tomorrow, March 1st, but there's been talk of them being out a bit early.  I got mine yesterday.

I purchased these for myself


Anna Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh Aren't You Glad-iolous is soooo beautiful! The teal is super nice too. It's probably for the best that I don't have a Sally's near me or I would probably spend every scent I have on nail polish.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the white crack over the green! That was my favorite of all the combos I did!

Elizabeth Life and Polish said...

love them, I can't wait for them to show up at my sally's, i love every colour!


I got these three and the paler pink shade last night. The sucky part was that my Sally's didn't get the rings with their polishes! I was super disappointed cuz they're so cute! Anyways, I think I'm gonna try the green with the pink crackle over it today. Very springy. :)

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