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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hi! My name is Megan and I'm a RBL reject.

Okay, I know Ji had a shit-ton of entries, and perhaps it's my neverending naivete, but I was still hopeful that my entry would be picked.  Alas, she posted the list of 11 hopefuls yesterday and my awesome idea was not part of the group.  Bummer.

Here she is...

I'd been waffling about my entry ever since she announced the contest and I'd ultimately decided not to enter.  Then I saw this and fell in love.  Can you imagine?  I took this the day after Christmas while we were out letting the spawn spend their Christmas money.  We'd just had our first-in-who-the-eff-knows-how-long white Christmas and we were drying out the day after.  Who knew the dirty asphalt at a gas station would look so beautiful?

Having the effect of an oilslick has long been a dream of mine.  I know some polishes have come close, with OPI MPJ being the one that stick out in my mind.  However, more than a holo, I wanted a dark asphalt grey polish with subtle tonal shimmery that flashes blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green (or a combination thereof).  A multi-chrome, if you will.  :)  I know no nail polish could do the swirly effect above, but I thought a beautiful, shimmer multi-chrome could capture the message I was trying to convey.

Sadly, Ji just didn't like it or felt it couldn't be done.  Which I suppose is, ultimately okay, as I've fallen out of love with RBL as of late.  I finally decided I couldn't deal with trying to cope with the formula (which does not work with me), and blog-sold most of my RBL stash (I still have the 3 glitters, Plie, Smitten, and PH).

I've been trying to franken it, but I have no idea where to start.  I got the asphalt grey down (with a combo of Zoya Freja, black creme, CC Wild Orchid, and CC Pretty Platinum), but it's I try to add the other colors that things go to shit.  :\  I plan to keep on trying, but I dont' have faith.  If any of you franken goddesses want to try it, feel free.  :)

If you'd like to vote for your favorite of the 11, Ji has it posted on her blog.  Personally, I voted for #6.  :)


Stephanie Merlin said...

I love your color idea! I love the oil slick look too. I know there some multi-chromes out there, so it must be possible to create something similar. Thanks for sharing your idea. I also voted for #6 :)

Elizabeth Life and Polish said...

scandalously polished is attempting to franken some of them, so if you want try her

Abby said...

i actually really love your idea! the idea of all those gorgeous colors from the oil slick wrapped up in a pretty asphalt polish would indeed be dreamy. and if it makes you feel any better (which it probably won't..) i think it had to definitely be more technical issues with creating the polish rather than her not liking the idea- i mean C'MON. who wouldn't like the idea of a beautiful oil slick multi-chrome polish?! But i wish you good luck in finding someone to franken it, or if you try it yourself! Have you tried maybe layering some super sheer duochromes over the franken you already made? i'm fairly new to the whole polish blog circuit, and certainly have never tried frankening my own so i might be totally out of line and this may seem downright uninformed and dumb, but maybe if you tried using Sinful's Let Me Go and Bali Mist? either with layering or frankening, as both polishes are incredibly sheer, but pack a pretty duochrome each. It might be what you're looking for? or maybe not haha.

A Polish Problem said...

I know that a few polishes have this effect. Yesterday, Ozotics were mentioned, so the ability is out there. I mean... we have plenty of duo/multichromes on the market. This issue is just putting them with the asphalt grey base. I think it has some to do with the fact the process would be difficult and some more to do with the fact she didn't want to deal with it. Of course, she couldn't have thought my idea was shit from the get-go. If so... that's fine, too. :)

SakuraBlossom said...

Good morning.
Your idea is one of my dream polishes too!! let me know if you can make it, will buy asap.
Mine wasn't choosed either, i wanted a super black polish with the most visible, bright, red iridescent, imagine a Zoya adina but black and red. I read the finalist, and honestly most of those polishes are meh.

hermetic said...

don't feel bad! I second Abby, she probably figured it would be difficult to make rather than not liking it. It's a great idea. and most of the finalists are really nothing special imo

A Polish Problem said...

I agree... all those that she chose were *safe* choices (though some sound really pretty *cough*6*cough*. Maybe she doesn't want to deal with color-changers and holos (though one of her most successful polishes changes color). I can't say I blame her. But, how many in the brown family did she choose? And there's one (blue/copper), that is very similar to Barielle Falling Star. Don't get me wrong, I think #6 sounds like a fabulous polish (as long as it's not a true jelly), one that I may even buy (RBL pastels work better with me than their darker colors), and I'm by no means pissed. A little disappointed, maybe, but there no anger (though I did snark on Twitter about her using the word "halo" instead of "holo", but that's something that bugs me in general). It just seems that yet another fan-fueled collection (Illamasqua anyone?) is falling a bit flat. Honestly, if I had access to the pigments and knew anything about color mixing, I'd be trying to franken this in a heartbeat. I was just hoping that perhaps an expert in the biz would take on the challenge, as an "oilslick in a bottle" seems the be a wish of many np fans. :) But after all is said and done, I do think it's a good thing that Ji is willing to create a fan-based collection, and ultimately, it's her company/her resources.

Aly said...

For what is worth, I love your oil slick idea, as I love duochromes. Actually I checked the other entries and some of them are quite dull IMHO, maybe yours was rejected just because they couldn't afford technically challenging polishes.

Anonymous said...

Yours definitely came the closest to mine out of all the pictures I have seen so far. In all honesty, if yours would have been chosen I would have voted like crazy for it because in actuality, it's what I wanted.

My picture was the inside of a seashell with that same effect. It was absolutely gorgeous, and so is that picture. Maybe one day someone will make our dream color(s) :)

ps. Did you happen to sell Scrangie? I know you told me a while ago you were not going to yet, but seeing as you don't care for them, maybe you have changed your mind? :p

A Polish Problem said...

Sarah, I did. I had someone ask before you did, so I offered it to her first. I didn't make the connection at the time, or I would have let you know there was someone in line in front of you. I'm so sorry. I wish I had 2.

Your picture sounds so pretty. You would think that someone would be able to recreate this effect. I mean... Wicked Game and Gray's Anatomy come close, just not with the right amount of depth in the base. OPI Not Like the Movies closer in tone the the base, but doesn't have the intensity in the multichrome. The amount of multichromes on the market is growing by leaps and bounds I just wish someone would do this.

Anonymous said...

No worries! If you know of anyone else selling it, I'll buy it. It's gorgeous and all, but I personally can't see myself spending $18 on a RBL. DL is the only one worth it in my mind, haha.

Yeah, they come close but I want it to have aquamarine, turquoise, fuchsia, purple, pearl, and all be swimming together, like an oil spill. Whether is has a dark or light base doesn't really matter, I just want it to happen!

Janna said...

Love this idea =]

Anonymous said...

sadface!!! i love your idea, can't believe it didn't make it...i wonder if you take like a sheer opal and black would something be created that's close to oil slick. i'm going to attempt.

LemonyEmily said...

hiya! I'm a shiny new follower, and couldn't resist a comment on this post!!! I had this idea myself before, "if only a polish could reflect the sheer awesomeness of an oil slick!".
I live in the UK, and GOSH cosmetics do a BRILLIANT multichrome that is the spitting image of an oil slick (even though its called "purple heart" - ??? i should SO work for the polish-naming-people!) Imagine my delight when idley browsing the shelves and saw this beauty, its like a flip in your stomach! I instantly NEEDED this polish!
This pic's of my own bottle. Its mainly a dark violet and green duochrome, but there's notes of dark blue in there too, its stunning -

~Leslie~ said...

I actually posted an oilslick water marble that I came up with after reading your contest entry! http://polishartaddiction.blogspot.com/2011/02/oilslick-water-marble.html
At the time I had lost where I got the idea from, but now that I found ya again, I'll edit my post to include you as the inspiration.
I thought it was a great idea, so I wanted to replicate it any way I could, and water marble was the best I could come up with cause I suck at frankening!

Frankenstyna said...

I wish I think your best bet would be using your asphalt grey franken and layering 1 coat of Sally Hansen Color Prisms "Turquoise Opal" or "Garnet Lapis" on top.
I would attempt to franken this but I'm very protective of my long discontinued Color Prisms. :) That is why I stick to layering with them!

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