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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunset Gradient

Because of the formulation of the sorbets and closeness of the colors, I was able to do a gradient without sponging.  I created this using 4 colors from the OPI Texas sorbets.  This is 2 coats of Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear topped with 1 coat each of Guy Meets Galveston, Too Hot Pink to Handle, and Houston, We Have a Purple in a gradient pattern.    I topped it with one coat of Seche Vite, after everything had dried just a bit.

This really reminds me of a fruity tropical drink.


Elizabeth Life and Polish said...

this looks so cool...now I NEED to get more of the OPI Texas Sorbets

A Polish Problem said...

Thanks! This is why I'm hoping they'll release more sorbets.

Miss Blue said...

This looks so cool! They should make some blue sorbet colors as well.

Dana said...

Love the gradient!

OnceBitten said...

This is gorgeous!!!

Dainty Darling Digits said...

Ooh! Great idea! Came out wonderful.

Aurora's Nails said...

Gorgeous! I was going to try this. I'm glad it works out so well! Nice job :)

peripatetic33 said...


♥beauxs mom said...

This is so beautiful I wasn't that
Interested in the Texas lineup till
Right now I love this gradient it really does
Look like a sunset I'm so going to buy these
And try it thanks so much for the idea!


Anonymous said...

The Nail Polish World *needs* more sorbet-type shades... This sunset one is just gorgeous!

V xx

Unknown said...

so cool !!!

~♥Shelly♥~ said...

This is AWESOME. Now, HOW do you do it????????

I'm a new nail polish addict, and have been looking at all different blogs and I have to say this post is one of my FAVORITE I love the colors!!!

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