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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Broadway Nails Fashion Diva glue-on nails in Angel (BHFD02)

You would think that as someone that habitually used glue-ons for almost 9 months and sucessfully recovered from the damage that I would shudder at the thought of glue-on nails.  Well, I do... and then again... I don't.  Quite frankly, I love the look of a lot of the funky french glue-on nail designs and in all honestly, I have about 6 boxes in the wings waiting on me to use them.  Unfortunately, I always chicken out, remembering what a PITA they were when I had to use them. 

Then I saw these at Wal-mart.  I passed by them about 2 times before I saw "harajuku style" on the package.  Well... after that point... they had to be mine.  That also shot them up to the top of the queue in the "glue-on nails waiting to be used once I finally quit being a pansy" line.  I guess because they are so adorable, I finally decided to do it.  Well, that and the fact that I, once again, broke my pinky nail so I was able to use them without filing. 

So, today, I decided to put them on.  Unfortunately, as soon as I put on my pinky nail, I knew I wanted to get them off.  Don't get me wrong... they are freaking adorable, but I just couldn't handle the thickness on my nails (due to the nail damage, my nail beds are hyper sensitive).  Nonetheless, I decided to go on and finish my hand so at least I could show them to you all. 

The Pros -
- Adorable.  I wish I could do this with my natural nails.
- Nice length if you have shorties (like me)... anything beyond a smidge out from your fingertip will need to be cut down.  So I guess that's a con if you have long nails.
- Gel glue that's easy to place and doesn't goosh out the sides of the nail.
- Easy-to-read sizing with tabs rather than the size on the underside of the nail.

Cons -
- Aforementioned length issues for long nails/nail beds.
- Easy to break the top of the nail when you remove the tab.  I did this on my middle finger and had to file it down and cover up the damaged french tip with black polish.
- Thickness... and this is subjective.  I really didn't like the way it felt on my nails, but someone else could have NO issues.
- Removal.  On the package, it says to simply soak in acetone, and I know other people do this and have the nails desolve within minutes.  With me... it seems that I always have soak my nails for at least 20 minutes (in acetone... ugh) and then I still have to work at removing the glue.

All in all... I think these were kind of a fail on me, but that's just because of personal preferences, rather than the product itself.  I think they would be totally adorable on someone else.  I can just imagine these with a brightly-colored dress for prom. 

Broadway nails are available in a myriad of designs from full-nail designs, to funky frenches, to white and pink frenches, and you can find them at most big boxes, drug stores, and grocery stores with cosmetics departments.  They are normally in the $6-7 range.  I think these were $5.94.


Anna Elizabeth said...

Wow those are really cute! Too bad about them being so hard on your nails though...


tiffyama said...

I've never tried glue on nails due to being afraid of...the glue and taking them off, but these are adorable! Simple, but very harajuku-esque. ^^

Lucy said...

Love the look of these. I don't think I could stand anything on my nails.


I actually picked these up and looked at them a few weeks ago but then put them back because I've never actually used glue on nails. They are so cute! And on a totally unrelated note, I noticed that NARS Pokerface is on your wishlist. I've been wearing that color all week and I love it! I've gotten so many compliments and I keep looking at my nails it is so pretty. I also think of the song when I look at them. ;)

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