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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fingerpaints Sketch N Etch

As you may or may not know, as I post about it every so often, Essie Dominica Green is my #1 lemming.  I honestly can't tell you why, either.  Greens in general have a tendency to look crappy on me, though dark greens, much less so.  However, it can still be a crapshoot.  Doesn't matter.  I still need it. 

I know some people would give their right arm for Essie Starry, Starry Night.  Well, Essie Dominica Green is my Starry, Starry Night.  I know in the past, Essie herself has been asked if she would bring back Dominica Green, and all she does in hem-and-haw around the subject, so I'm taking that as a no. 

It's very rare to see Dominica Green in a swap, auction or blogsale, so my only real option is to find a good dupe.  I felt like I'd searched and searched when about a month ago, I happened on a post by Kaz at Pretty Random about Dominica Green dupes.  I tried to find the Nat Robbins she mentions, but to no avail.  Thus, I was left with Fingerpaints.  It's easily available and I happened to pick it up in my last Sally's run.  Here she is...

Even though it seems a bit frostier than Dominica Green, it's still a gorgeous bright green with golden shimmer, much like DG.  So in that regard, I think it's a very good lemming-killer.  I'd heard that the Essie was on the thin side, however Sketch N Etch is not.  In fact, it's opaque at 2 coats.   Part of me will still want Dominica Green for the rarity of it, but as far as color goes, I'm very happy with Sketch N Etch.

Fingerpaints are readily available at Sally Beauty B&M stores and online.  Price is $4.49 with your Sally card and $4.99 without.


BellasUnhaseCia said...

Beautiful and perfect!


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