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Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Monday Update

First off, I want to say Thank You to all of you that commented in my post and/or sent me messages/tweets/emails about Pepper.  I'm feeling a bit better now, but during last week, I was beyond distraught, and your kind words really helped.  I still miss her dearly, but it's getting better with each day.  Thank you again.

Now on to happier things...

My giveaway ends in 10 days and I currently have 358 entrants.  I will then have to compile all the entries.  I wasn't expecting such a response (thank you so much for it, though), so I may be a little ambitious in saying I'll have the first winner picked by April 1.  I still plan on it, but it may take me a little longer than planned.

Don't forget to request to be in my Blogger Round Up, if you are so inclined.  As I have so many to post, I may do a round up this week of all the people that have requested via my form or email.  I have had many people request via my giveaway form, but I don't want to touch that data until after I close my giveaway for fear of messing something up.  So, if you requested to be in the round-up in the giveaway form, you will be in the round-up after the giveaway closes.

Also, I've gotten myself in a bit of a backlog.  I have several reviews to complete and I hope to get to them this week.  I have the spring Nubars, Nicole by OPI Target exclusives, the 2nd half of OPI Texas, and the new Justin Beibers to swatch and review.  Whew.  At least I know I'm gonna be busy.  LOL.

Hopefully, I should be able to start on the reviews by Wednesday.  I'm currently re-painting Amelia's room.  She told me she wanted a big girl room.  I was happy to oblige her.  Under one condition... that she doesn't even look at her walls with a marker/crayon/paintbrush in hand.  :\  About a year ago, she decided that her walls needed to be painted.  :S  I was in the process of making her a mural, and she wanted to "help".  So, the mural stopped and Amelia's "art installation" began.  LOL.  I swear... it's gonna take forever to cover this stuff up.  I'm already down a quart of Kilz and I'm looking at probably 1 more (yeah... I shoulda just bought the gallon).  I'm a horribly messer painter, so at the current moment, my hands are a mess.  So, I'm hoping to be done within a couple of days so I can start swatching.


Unknown said...

Glad it helped you ^^
Don't need to worry about your giveaway, after all you are making us present, you can take the time you want ^^

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