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Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoya Charisma

Sometimes I feel like all my polishes have a tendency to run together, so when something really catches my eye, I usually take notice.  One of those such eye-catching polishes was Zoya Charisma.  I picked this up a few months back, but just now got around to posting it.  This polish is amazing.  Seriously.

Here she is without TC.  Charisma is a neon, so she dries satiny.  (sorry for the weird mark on my middle finger. that's thanks to my recent trip down fake nails lane :\).

She's beautiful on her own, but once you add a top coat... sigh.

Charisma is a beautiful red-based, bright purple neon.  I love this polish and I love it on my nails.  I find it very flattering.

Does anyone know of anything else along the lines of Charisma in Zoya's line up?  I love it so much that I'm dying for similar polishes (more in brightness of color and finish rather than color itself).

Also, does anyone else call Zoya polishes "her".  Such a weird habit.  LOL.

FYI, I wanted to mention, as this is a post about a Zoya polish, that currently, Zoya.com is offering a BOGO promotion on all their SUMMER polishes, limit 7 free (EDIT: I didn't realize initially that this promo was only for the new summer releases)  The catch?  You have to have registered before the promo went live.  Basically, if you've ever bought from Zoya in the past, taken advantage of one of their previous promos, or registered prior to yesterday at 5p... you're in.  I know they are doing individual promo codes for this promotion, so you will have to log in to your account and access the promos section.  The code should be there.  I know they recently mentioned on Facebook, that they still had 50,000 more codes to roll out, so if yours isn't there, give it a bit more time.


JanandJill.com said...

I like this brand, I bought it in Hawaii last summer and it was almost this exact color. THanks for the post!

Great for summer
Just added my 1st giveaway to my blog:

chell said...

wow looks so beautiful, it's matte is it?
i got the code and now im stuck with what polish i should buy, since BOGO only for the new polish

Unknown said...

I love pairing neons with a nice, shiny topcoat! That's an amazing fuschia.

jaljen said...

It is lovely and 'juicy berry'. Zoya is silly money in the UK though....

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

This looks stunning on you!

tiffyama said...

I like this color a lot!! It looks great with and/or without the top coat. :] Ah~ yes the new BOGO deal is great. I have 4 polishes in my cart just waiting to be checked out...^^

Perles & Paillettes said...

Not a big fan of the original version, but I'm totally in love with it once a shiny top coat is applied o_O
Gorgeous shade :)

Unknown said...

I love it...think would rock it matte or shiny..


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