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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoya Mod Mattes Review

Just when you think every polish company is busy churning out crackles, Zoya does the unexpected and takes us back to 2009 with another matte collection.  Don't get me wrong, I love it when a polish company keeps us on our toes, and this was certainly unexpected.

Unlike Zoya's previous matte offerings, these are matte neons.  Now, normally, neons dry with a satiny finish anyway, but these dry super matte.  Also unlike the previous matte collections, only one of these polish contains any shimmer.  The formula on these was pretty much the same for all the colors.  They were surprisingly thin and and a tad streaky up until 3 coats, which isn't a HUGE problem.  Normally with mattes, multiple coats is just asking for weird marks and bumpiness, but these evened out really well.

Lolly - Bright pink matte.  Given the fact that OPI came out with La Paz-itively Hot matte almost 2 years ago, this color isn't incredibly unique.  I blog-sold my LPH matte, so I don't have it for comparison, but I do think that Lolly is perhaps a tad lighter.  Also, it doesn't have any shimmer.  I do like the color though.  It's very pretty, and flattering for any skintone.  3 coats.

Mitzi - Bright chartreuse green matte.  You may remember from my NOPI Target spring review that I love anything in this tone of green.  Back when in mid 1990's, I think I had a gazillion shirts in this color, and still gravitate towards it... in clothing.  While I like the color, and think it's flattering when worn on my body, it just looks a little odd on my hands.  It doesn't give me dirty-red-hands like mintier greens, it just doesn't play nice.  That said, I think this would look great as a base for some of the upcoming crackles.  Can you imagine this with OPI's new Navy Shatter?  Amazing.  3 coats.    

Phoebe - Bright caribbean blue matte.  This one, probably not surprising, was my favorite of the bunch.  It's a beautiful medium-toned blue.  It makes me want to go on vacation... preferably somewhere warm, with palm trees and umbrella drinks.  This one was my first of the 3 to swatch, so I had yet to realize that these were 3-coaters, hence the thin spots (though they were not as noticeable IRL as they are in my macro pics, so perhaps you can get away with 2 coats).  This one was the only one of the 3 with any shimmer, which looked amazing when covered with a TC (see below).

Though, only Phoebe had any shimmer, I went ahead and topped all 3 with one coat of TC.

IMO, all 3 look really nice with the TC added, but it doesn't really give the "aaaaah" factor (like TC over the OPI Suedes or the other Zoya mattes) as seen on other matte + TC combos.  It does make the shimmer in Phoebe come to life, but it just makes the other 2 look like normal, non-matte polish.

All in all, I think I like these.  I wasn't a huge die-hard matte fan, and in fact, I've blog-sold all my mattes/suedes away, but there's something about these that make me like them.  Maybe it's the bright colors or the pretty frosted bottles, but these are just happy and fun (something we can all use a bit more of, IMO).

Zoya polishes are available at Zoya.com and various online boutiques.  They are regularly $8, however, through tomorrow, they are offering a BOGO sale on all summer colors (this collection plus the 2 bigger collections).  You have to already have registered for this, so if you are new to the brand, you won't be able to participate, but if you've ever purchased from Zoya before, taken advantage of their previous promos, or if you registered on their website by Sunday afternoon, then you probably have a promo code waiting in your account.

These were sent to me for review

Also girls, I wanted to mention that today is the last day for my giveaway.  Be sure to click the link above to enter.


Unknown said...

I ordered Phoebe & Lolly. I can't wait for them!!

Alexis said...

I ordered green and blue. So excited to hear the blue is slightly shimmery! COME FASTER ZOYA PACKAGE!

Unknown said...

I bought a shirt the exact color of Mitzi yesterday XD. I'm an 80's kid, so it was nostalgic! I'm loving anything matte right now, so these are right up my alley.

Yasmin said...

Omg... I want all of those LOL!

Unknown said...

I like the matte polishes with a top coat.. seems to give these more dimension

Natalie said...

I ordered Phoebe...and Sooki! :) I'm so glad Phoebe is your favorite of the mattes, I couldn't really choose!! Loved seeing your swatch pictures!

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

I really like that pink one. Maybe I should get it <3.

Lalli Carvalho said...

Mad with these polishes, they are beautiful *-*
It's a shame not to sell them here in Brazil, this is very sad.
Want the very blue enamel.
I'm fascinated.

MissMidnightBlue said...

I love Phoebe, I love all three actually I may need to get these soon.

Lesley said...

I NEED phoebe in my life!

Minty said...

I ordered all three and cant wait to try Phoebe. It's sitting in it's rack right now. (:

Anonymous said...

I love matte polish!!! These look gorgeous!

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