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Monday, April 4, 2011

Essie/TOMS One Day Without the Blues

Hi all, my nail polish table/storage is still in a state of flux, but I thought I'd take a short break from my break (LOL) and post about TOMS One Day Without Shoes. 

Recently, on Facebook, TOMS Shoes along with Essie offered a contest where 5000 FB followers could win a bottle of an exclusive polish, One Day Without the Blues.  I was very fortunate to be one of the 5000.  The contest was to raise awareness of TOMS shoes' One Day Without Shoes, a day to raise awareness of shoeless-ness in third world countries. 

For more information on One Day Without Shoes, click here

Also, here is the color, One Day Without the Blues...

If it looks familiar, it is... it's Essie Coat d'Azure.  I cannot find my bottle of Coat Azure for the life of me, so you are just going to have to take my word for it.  :P  I know some people were upset that they weren't one of the 5000 chosen, and if that was you... fret not... as Coat Azure is easily available.

I still greatly appreciate the message and the cause, but it's not an exclusive polish (which is fine, I just don't want you lemming it as it's easy to find).


Unknown said...

oo sneaky! but cute color and great cause :D

Recalcitrant Nails said...

this is a lovely color and mani on you. Congrats on the win and on increasing awareness for a good cause. :)

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

Too bad the exclusive wasn't so exclusive, bit still nice you won :).

Alexandra said...

lovely colour :)

love4laqcuer said...

pretty pretty colour, love it


Milly said...

I love the glitter background...

Ive got a CHANEL nail varnish giveaway:



Anonymous said...

nice colors lovely collection i like it so much....................Pest Control Miami FL

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