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Friday, July 15, 2011

Zoya Touch

Finally, I am able to start to review some of the polishes I received during the time I've been out of commission.  First up is Zoya Touch.  This collection has been out for a few months, and with Smoke and Mirrors just being released, you may no longer care, but I wanted to review them nonetheless.

Unfortunately, I had to use my backup camera, as my children have absconded with my better camera, so I didn't realize the pictures were sub-par until I'd already written the review.  My apologies.  Once I find my good camera, I will try to re-take them.

This is a small collection of only three colors, each one being a shimmery nude.

Minka - warm tan. 

Pandora - Pinky beige.

Shay - Silvery beige.

These were all identical in finish, though Shay had a bit more silver in the sheen, but and application (3 coats, a little streaky).  And unlike most other collections, this one that I wouldn't say you need them all.  In fact, you may just need one.  It's almost like foundation for your nails, and like foundation it's not a one-size-fits all.  Shay and especially Minka just didn't work for me, but Pandora was perfect.  It completed my pink skin and didn't give me red-hands.  If you are warmer, then you would probably love Minka.

These were sent to me for review.


Kiki's Corner said...

I like how they are close to a nude color :)

Glad youre back, missed your posts


Vanessa said...

Love them all... Pandora - Pinky beige. it's close to color club - Nature's way :)

My blog ❤My Guilty Little Pleasures


Anonymous said...

Hi love, I've just found your blog, and I think it's great! Keep up the good work!

I've just started a blog of my own, and I'd love it if you would subscribe to it. The link is: http://conceptionail.blogspot.com

See you there, and thanks!

Nailderella said...

oh no, I do care! it's always nice to see some swatches!!

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