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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Julep Maven - Box 1

So last week, right after I showed you my review for Julep polishes, I caved and joined the Julep Maven program.  I thought it was a great deal at $19.99, and also, as nail mail is one of my guilty pleasures, I figured it was a good way to get a box of nail goodies every month.

I received my first box today, and I am very happy with it.  Here's what I found when I opened the box (it was all in a gift bag, btw)...

And here are the 2 colors I received...

Samantha - bright pink.  This one is amazing.  It has a jelly-ish finish, but it was opaque in 2 coats.  

Zoe - bright copper.  Seriously.  This is like the color of new pennies.  This is one of their not-yet-released fall colors.  3 coats.  

This is the "Bombshell" box.  Honestly, I had to do a little manipulation to get this box.  I took the "style quiz" at least twice, and it each time it came back as "All American Beauty".  Well, while that may fit my fashion sense, it's not exactly what I prefer on my nails.  So, I chose the strappy shoes instead of the platforms, Chanel as my designer, rather than J.Crew, and picked Colin Farrell over George Clooney (what?) and voila... I'm a Bombshell.

Also, keep in mind that Julep has a few coupon codes for the Maven program floating around.  I think there is one on Facebook, and also, when I took the quiz, I got a code in my email box to for 1/2 off my first month.  Unfortunately, I had already joined by that point, and I'm still trying to see if I can get that retroactively applied.  So be sure to check for those codes before joining.  

Even with paying full price, I still think this is a great deal.  I know Julep polishes get a bit of a bad rap for being such a small amount (.27 oz, compared to .5 for OPI), but as I have NEVER used a full bottle of polish, I think I'm good.  LOL.  Plus, there are other goodies, and 20% off all other items that you order (I am eyeing Stella) and free shipping (which when I get free shipping, I feel like I've won the lottery, so that's awesome!).

And, if you refer your friends to Julep, you will get $15 when they become a Maven as well.  You can join the Julep Maven program on their website, or by clicking here.

I paid for my own membership to the Maven program.  However, the links within this post are affiliate links.  I will receive $15 when you join by using my link.  When you join, you will get your own link.


Unknown said...

Great box!!
Cute colors!
Do the nail therapy work?

Unknown said...

Hi dear! Your blog is amazing!
I am a new follower!

I would be very honored to have you in my followers!

I invite you to join my giveaway:

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am a new follower as of the other day. I love the bright copper color ♥

I'm also hosting a giveway for some nail lacquers and thought i'd invite you to enter. http://beautykarma.blogspot.com

Look forward to your posts!

Unknown said...

The tracking is saying my maven box will be delivered on Tuesday, I'm anxiously waiting! I think my style was classic with a twist.Sounds like me!
I am a new blogger since the first of August.

NailPolishEpicness said...

Great post! I found you on the top 50 nail blogs and you were number one =]

Beyond Blush said...

Great post, I'm looking forward to getting my Julep box in the mail!

Jen said...

I think Zoe is a gorgeous color. My style said I was an American Beauty and I don't think the selection was terrible - I got a really cool silvery purple and a cute pink (would of rather had the Zoe color).
Jen - http://makesitup.blogspot.com/2011/08/julep-maven.html

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