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Friday, March 30, 2012

Today's Nails - NerdLacquer It's Just a Flesh Wound

I apologize for the lack of NOTD posts this week.  As I mentioned in my Blogger Round-Up reminder post, it's been a crazy week.  I've had a few merchandising jobs, as well as a sick girl child, so my free time has gone out the window.  In fact, today is the first chance I've had to polish my nails since Monday. I wasn't even gonna bother with it today, but then I got my NerdLacquer purchase in the mail and I had to put the baby on my nails...

This is NerdLacquer It's Just a Flesh Wound.  This polish a deep charcoal, almost black, base with red, silver, black, and gold multi-sized and shaped glitter.  It kind of reminds me of those black with red shimmer polishes (i.e. ChG Lubu Heels, OPI Midnight in Moscow, and RBL Black Russian) that were so popular a few years ago.  I don't own Black Russian, but I know with Lubu Heels and, especially, Midnight in Moscow, the red shimmer in those polishes seems to sink in to the black base and rather than sparkling, it just ends up looking muddy.  However, unlike those polishes, the red (and the gold and the silver) in this polish really stands out.  It did eat top coat a bit, so this does have 2 coats of Nubar Diamont over top.  Also, I wanted to mention, that in my experience, there was a bit of a learning curve in applying this polish.  It's packed with glitter, so if you try to do thicker coats, it will streak and drag on you.  I ended up placing the polish on my nails for these 3 fingers.  That worked fine, though it was a tad thick which caused some shrinkage on my middle finger after I applied the TC.  For the rest of my fingers, I learned to do thinner coats.  Once you have 1-2 thinner coats on the nail you can then do a final thicker coat without drag or shrinkage.  This is 2 coats on these fingers, but on the rest of my hand, I did 3 thinner coats for the same result.  I was easily able to reach opacity without having to apply a base color.  One thing I did want to say is that unlike a lot of other hand-mixed/indie polish glitters, the glitter in this one did not sink to the bottom of the bottle, thus requiring a ton of shaking/rolling.  The glitter was equally distributed throughout the bottle.  You also didn't have to go fishing for glitter.  

Unfortunately, this was the only NerdLacquer I ordered.  :(  I'm going to have to rectify that once they reopen their store.  NerdLacquers are available on Etsy, but also at etailers Ninja Polish and Harlow & Co (with the 2 etailers having a few exclusive colors each).  Currently the Etsy store is closed and the 2 etailers are OOS on all polishes.  Though I'm sure they will be back soon.

I purchased mine from Etsy.  Cost was $10 plus $2.50 shipping.


Cee said...

I've been seeing Nerd lacquer around the nail blogesphere lately and they are all so awesome!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I say it is a superior polish on not having to fish for glitter alone! I like the look of this one on you too.

Vixx said...

Wow! I must order this when it's available! I love that the glitter doesnt get lost in the base. And no fishing? That's a bonus!

Just noticed your Autism Awareness ribbon....very awesome! My 10 year old daughter is an Aspie. :)

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