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Friday, March 23, 2012

Today's Nails - Zoya Megan

Okay I am sorry for being a broken record, but I'm addicted to glitter tips and I just can't stop.  :) 

This is 3 coats of Zoya Megan topped with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Ice Queen on the tips.   Zoya Megan is a light, opaque grey-ed lavender.  In my house, it's very grey and then when I get it in full sun, that's when the lavender comes out.  Compared to Zoya's previous Megan (which I didn't hate... click here for post), this new Megan is fantastic.  I even pretend that it was named after me.  :P   

I didn't have any application issues, but I did have to use a third coat to reach total opacity, but that's probably because I'm a barbarian and don't use a basecoat.  LOL.  That said, I was completely amazed that this type of color could look so saturated.  Usually, pale colors have a tendency to look washed out or watered down, no matter if they are sheer or not.  

Zoya Megan is from their 2011 Winter Feel collection.  Zoyas are available from zoya.com and from other retailers and online sources.  If you are interested in this grey Megan, be sure that you are purchasing ZP593 rather than the old milky cream Megan which was ZP362.  The older version of Megan is no longer available on Zoya's website, but I have seen bottles floating around eBay.  

Additionally, as I mentioned above, I'm addicted to glittery tips.  I had this bottle of Sally Hansen Ice Queen hanging out on my makeup desk for weeks.  My plan was to use it on a purple, such as Zoya Malia, but either I don't have Malia or it's MIA (I really need to reorganize and create a new spreadsheet).  So while it's not a bright purple, I thought Megan was the perfect base for Ice Queen.  Ice Queen has purple, blue, and silver glitter (of different sizes) in a clear base.  Just for fun, here's a bottle pic...

Isn't she pretty?  And dirt cheap, too.  This bottle was $1.97(!!!).  You do have to work with it a little bit to get the glitter to do what you want it to do, but that's pretty typical for this type of glitter.

Happy Friday and I hope you guys like this one.  FYI... the Blogger Round Up will be next Friday, so be sure to reply in the latest round up post if you are interested.  I will also post a reminder post early next week.  


jaljen said...

Also a bit Glitter in the Air-ish! I like!

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

Thank you. :)

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