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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Lapis Amethyst

First off, I want to that you all so much for responding in my last post, emailing me, and participating with me in my "30 Days of Blues".  I appreciate it more than you know.

Today, for my "30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness", I have for you Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst...

Lapis Amethyst is an old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.  It's a light shimmery turquoise with a purple shift.  I got it and a bunch more on eBay last year when I went on a gluttonous buying spree.  I had purchased Turquoise Opal and I added this one to my cart to justify the shipping (don't we all do that.  LOL).  

I didn't actually mean for this to be my blue polish of the day.  I had simply swatched it on one nail to see the duochrome flash.  However, it looked so pretty, that I decided to simply do more coats and make it my blue nail of the day.  Unfortunately, because it's a gazillion years old, it's thin, stinks to high heaven, and took a hundred coats to reach any sort of opacity (in actuality, it was like 6 thin coats).  And, due to the number of coats, the pretty purple flash all but goes away.  I also found that the flash also goes away when you layer it over another blue.  So, in my experience, there's really no way to keep the duochrome flash and have it be opaque.  Like I said, it's pretty, but not one of the Nail Prisms I would seek out, like Turquoise Opal.  

Thank you so much for reading.  If there is any blue polish in particular you would like to see during my "30 Days of Blues", please let me know and if I have it, I will be glad to add it to my list.  Just let me know in this post or you can email me your suggestions to megan@apolishproblem.com.  


Miriam Helena said...

very cute!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty said...

Love this colour!

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