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Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - Orly Royal Navy

Today is Day 23 in my "30 Days of Blues".  After my somewhat disappointing experience with Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012, I wanted to use the other cobalt blue in my collection for today's manicure.  This is Orly Royal Navy...

This is 3 coats of Royal Navy, which is a bright, cobalt blue jelly packed with aquamarine micro-shimmer.  I love this blue.  It definitely hits all my check-boxes that I was looking for in a cobalt blue.  I kinda wish they'd make this without the shimmer.  Though, it is fantastic with the shimmer.  I hate to say it, but sans the shimmer, this is what I wanted IKB:2012 to be.    

Thank you for reading.  As always, you can email me suggestions or questions to megan@apolishproblem.com.


BeautyScraps said...

I just may need this... and you are so right! I love the shimmer but I would totally love this polish with out it also!

Pink by Stephanie said...

I really love this color! Love love it!

Pink Pamalamma said...

Have you tried Revlon Royal? It's a gorgeous cobalt jelly without any shimmer/glitter, etc.

Megan (A Polish Problem) said...

I have yet to try royal bc revlon's formula doesnt always play nice with me, but I may need to just go on and get it.

jaljen said...

I also recommend Revlon Royal very highly but the Orly is a fab polish that goes on my wishlist.

bruval64 (RoseAnn) said...

oohhh Thanks for this blog. I have been on the fence with this color and now that I see it on you it's definately on the list. I just love your close up shots.

RoseAnn )0(

Pink Pamalamma said...

Based on this post and your IKB post, I really think you'd like it!

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