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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - Revlon Royal

Today is Day 24 in my "30 Days of Blues", and today, I have for you a polish that was a recommendation in several comments in my cobalt blue posts.  Many of you told me that Revlon Royal may just be what I was looking for, and I think you may be right...

This is 3 coats of Revlon Royal, a bright, cobalt blue jelly.  I did 3 coats, because I had a thin spot on my ring finger. If I had waited more time between my first coat and my second, I wouldn't have had the thin spot, as it was from drag.  So it's definitely a polish that can be opaque in 2 coats, just make sure to go slow.  I also recommend 2 coats, if you can, simply because it's brighter at 2, rather than 3 coats.

I'm not sure why I hadn't picked up Royal before.  I'm not a huge fan of Revlon's formula, so maybe that is why.  I also thought it was going to be more of a creme, rather than a jelly.  Not sure where I got that.  LOL.  Anyway, Royal is a perfect cobalt jelly.  I hate to say it, because essentially it means that I wasted $20, but this is so much better, in my opinion, than RBL IKB:2012.  Though, I do need to do a direct comparison between IKB and Royal just to make sure, I think that this polish is what I wanted IKB:2012 to be.

Best part, this Revlon cost me $6 and that was at Walgreen's.  If you can get it at a big box (which the ones around me are always OOS of Royal), it's less than 5 bucks.  


Unknown said...

This is a stunning shade of blue...I really need to see if I can find it sometime :O)

rachlovespenguins said...

I'm not the biggest Revlon fan either but I always hear such good things about this colour. And I must say it looks absolutely marvelous on you. :)

beachgal said...

It's a classic. I rarely ever pick up a Revlon - but so many photos and so much talk over this shade, when I ran into it one day, I picked it up. It's a great blue like everyone says. But I am not a Revlon fan - they chip on me and I also think their formula is just not for me.

Liesl said...

I like Revlon, and I will def have to check this one out, because IKB:2012 looks amazing and I was a little bummed to hear that it's dusty. Its photos hide it well. :)

Pink Pamalamma said...

See??!! I knew you'd love this based on what you were wanting IKB to be!! :) Glad you love it!

Pink Pamalamma said...

Isn't it amazing how it just GLOWS! It reminds me of cobalt glass, which I absolutely love! I'm so excited that you tried it and like it as much as I thought/hoped you would! :)

A Polish Problem said...

It really is. Thank you so much for steering me in that direction. I'm kinda of kicking myself for spending so much on IKB:2012, but in my defense, it looked crazy pretty in preview pics.

Pink Pamalamma said...

It really did! I expected it to be different too. I don't have it, but based on swatches I've seen I thought it would be more like Royal.

Kat Hooked On Polish said...

Have you considered Nubar Blueberry? It's a bit brighter than Royal and also a jelly. In pictures it looks really close to IKB:2012 (but cheaper with a 3 coater jelly formula). Blueberry and Royal are my fave polishes ever and the only ones (so far) that I want to get a backup of.

Pretty said...

Love so jelly

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