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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - BB Couture for Men Impact Driver

Today is Day 25 in my "30 Days of Blues".  I'm nearing the end, and I'm so happy.  Because as much as I love blues, and as much as I love this cause, I really want to wear some other color on my nails.  LOL.  

Also, I think I may have OD'd on cobalt blues, so today, I have for you a deep grey/blue shimmer.  This is BB Couture for Men Impact Driver...

This is 3 coats of Impact Driver, which is a deep grey/blue base with multi-colored shimmer. I picked this one up awhile ago, because I had read that it was a dupe of Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H.  Honestly, I don't think it's a dupe, as Catherine H. is more of a Wedgwood blue, rather than a greyed-blue.  That said, it's still an amazing shade.  FYI, be sure to enlarge the pics, so you can really see the shimmer.  It's fantastic.  The formula on this one, like all BB Couture polishes, was perfect. 


Gosia said...

oooh I love this one, it's right up my alley!!! Where could I buy BB Couture??? (I'm in the USA)

A Polish Problem said...

I should have mentioned that in the post. I usually get all mine at overallbeauty.com, though I think you can order from the company directly at bbnailpolish.com.

They are fantastic. Probably one of my favorite formulas.

Gosia said...

Thank you so much!!! I am very very grateful, my wallet however is not!! LOL I can see LOTS of polishes I could get already!!!

Liesl said...

What a cool color! And this has been great, but I'm excited to see some other colors, too. ;) ;)

A Polish Problem said...

You are welcome. :)

BB Couture has amazing polishes. You may want to follow Kim w/ Overall Beauty on FB and/or Twitter because I know she will occasionally offer sales on polishes. I know the last one, which was just a few days ago, was a one-day only B4G1F sale on BB Coutures.

A Polish Problem said...

Me, too Liesl... me too. I am dying for boring pinks and reds. LOL.

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