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Thursday, April 26, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - OPI Absolutely Alice

Today is Day 26 in my "30 Days of Blues" and today, I have for you probably my favorite glitter polish and one of my favorite polishes all together. This is OPI Absolutely Alice...

Absolutely Alice is a blue and gold glitter polish that was released with OPI's 2010 Alice in Wonderland collection.  I have both Absolutely Alice and it's glittery sister, Mad as a Hatter, and I have to say that Alice is my favorite.  

I adore this polish.  It's one of the more prized polishes in my collection.  The application on this one is perfect.  It takes 3 coats to reach opacity and there are none of the issues that I typically associate with glitters, like drag and leveling.  I'm assuming that's because the glitter in this is fairly fine.  It's also really even after 3 coats, but I still recommend a topcoat (as shown) as it does dry a little dull.

Unfortunately, Absolutely Alice is discontinued (isn't that always the way), though I did see bottles on eBay.  


Unknown said...

I love this blue!!

Gosia said...

It's absolutely stunning!!! Thus one is my all time fav!!!

Lexi said...

No wonder it's a favorite. Simply gorgeous!

Liesl said...

Gorgeous sparkles! Four more days... ;)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous color!

A Polish Problem said...

Thank you.

A Polish Problem said...

It's one of mine, too. I love it so much.

A Polish Problem said...

Thank you.

A Polish Problem said...

Thank you, Liesl, and yes... I am counting down. LOL.

A Polish Problem said...

Thank you.

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