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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily

Just a quick little review for you all, as I just received the 2 polishes I ordered from the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection.  Tonight, I will review one for you and then review the other one, IKB:2012, in the near future.  This is Aqua Lily...

Aqua Lily is a beautiful turquoise shimmer with pink micro-shimmer.  I have a lot of colors in this same vein and this one is completely unique.  The shimmer that you see in my picture is just the tip of the iceberg.  I find that it's not as pronounced on the nail, as it is the bottle, but it is still beautiful.  

Also, while this one applied incredibly well, it is, after all, a RBL, I also found it to be a bit thick.  Nothing out of the ordinary or hard to use, but it was a little thicker than I expected it to be.  The color is worth it though.  It makes me want to go on vacation.  :)

This picture is 3 coats, but honestly, 2 would have been fine.  I did 3 because I kept bumping my nails, as I was trying to polish them.

RBL polishes are $18-$20 with her new polishes being all $20 from this collection forward.  I read that now that all the pre-orders have been sent out, Ji will be offering the collection for purchase by the general public on 4/23/2012.  You can purchase RBL polishes at www.rescuebeauty.com.


Sewwy said...

I'm SO excited to receive my Fan collection package. I ordered all but Cuprum. Aqua Lilly is definitely the one I'm looking forward to the most, and this post isn't helping that excitement!

Pink Pamalamma said...

Soooo pretty!!!

Danielle said...

Very pretty :) too bad it's out of my price range for polish

Gosia said...

wow, what a GORGEOUS shimmer!!! the price is not so gorgeous though =(

Unknown said...

New follower, great blog! & this is absolutly gorgeous! :) xx

Kaydi said...

I'm the fan that created Aqua Lily with Ji :) glad you were able to get a bottle. The formula is a lil thick since it's highly pigmented... Give her a good shake! ;) Thanks for the honest review ....Enjoy! -KDK

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